New Page

A new page has been added to this blog. It is titled People.  It will contain links to dishcloths showing people in  The one exception to this is that when RaAnn, the owner of Wicket Stitch  posts patterns of Guide Dogs to her site, they will be linked from this page.

I normally attempt to remain objective when it comes to adding links to this site. However, the issue of visual impairments is a subject very close to my heart because I was born and live with a genetic condition which affects my own vision.  Perhaps one day on another blog I will discuss this more….This is not the place I feel comfortable doing so.

2 responses to “New Page

  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my homeschooling blog, I had to check you out after the title as I taught my mom to knit and we have dubbed her dishcloth queen…I will send her your blog so she can continue with some of the awesome patterns.


  2. You are welcome. 🙂 Thank you for sending your Mom here. I hope she finds what she is looking for.


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