Greensburg Needs Help

A few days ago I learned about Rebuilding Greensburg -Block by Block while reading Knit and Pray. This struck a tender nerve in my heart because I live in Missouri and have had seen a bit of the destruction caused by such storms.

I am asking you to please donate cloths, squares or other items  to this effort. One dishcloth might not seem like much until it is added to others. The same holds true for other items such as socks, slippers, and baby  bibs.

2 responses to “Greensburg Needs Help

  1. Thank you so much for posting this!! I’m about 80 miles from Greensburg, and have seen the destruction first hand. It’s amazing how one town can be there and 10 minutes later be totally destroyed. The people need help rebuilding, and every little bit counts!


  2. Jenn,
    You are so welcome! It is my privilege to do so.
    It seems to me seeing that destruction must be upsetting.


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