Holiday Items New Page

I have added a new page titled Holiday Items. The page description states it will contain kitchen and household items.  I am including decorations for holidays.

Even though the main focus of this blog is dish and wash cloths, this seems to be the place to put these links.

2 responses to “Holiday Items New Page

  1. I am in desparate need of a knitted wash or dish cloth pattern of Santa, Mrs. Claus, Snowmen, any cartoon characters and a Gingerbread man. Please tell me where I can get these. Just send me a e mail. Thanks nancy


  2. Hi Norma — I’m the St. Louis Annie that you asked Laura to hook you up with. I’d love to get together and put the blanket together.

    I work at Knitorious, so I’m easy to get ahold of.

    I am going to Rhinebeck the weekend of the 21st, and I think she wants to ship these in November, so we’ll have to get on the stick. Let me know via email where you are and when would be good.

    I’ll look forward to meeting up!


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