June Already

It is the first part of June already. Time flies quickly. I have been trying to add links and check pages a few times weekly.

The number and quality of cloths and other items which this blog covers is amazing.  I respect the creativity and energy  that goes into each one.

Have a great week!

8 responses to “June Already

  1. I am 60 and a beginning knitter. I have made a bib and matching cloth for my grand daughter. Cloths are my entry in to this fun hobby.


  2. Hi!

    I came across your wonderful site while looking for a specific cloth. You are awesome!!

    I will return regularly. If you have a mailing list of when you update, please add me to it.

    Keep knitting!!

    Best wishes


  3. In return, I love the creativity and energy that you put into this blog!

    On behalf of us out here, thank you.



  4. What is the name of the dishcloth pattern on the right side of the top of the website page? It looks like a basketweave – kind of.


  5. hello,
    i would like to know the pattern or how to make potholders with the plastic pop can holders.
    i have not seen one in a long time. and have plenty of plastic holders to make some. thank you


  6. I have not been able to locate this pattern. The original place it was posted is no longer available. If I find it, I will post it.


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