Links and Pattern Sharing

The  primary purpose of this site is  to provide links to patterns. It is not a pattern sharing site due to copyright concerns, nor is it a place to buy and sell items.

In recent weeks I have received comments on this blog from people requesting patterns for items and others wanting to purchase handmade items. These comments have not been posted to the site, or parts of them have been edited to delete such topics. Once again, my concern is copyright protection of all concerned.

If you want or need someone to make handmade items for you there are a couple of resources for you;

  • You can write the owner of a pattern by way of  her/his website privately regarding this.
  • Go to  places like  ETSY, ArtFire or DaWanda and do a search for what you want or need.

There are links to  free patterns on the Scrubbies and Cloths with Scrubbies or the Pattern Collections list on the front  page of this site.

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