Design Change

I changed the Theme here today. One of the reasons was to make it easier to use. The other reason was simply that I was tired of the old way it looked.

I hope you like it!

2 responses to “Design Change

  1. Hi!

    Just wanted to say I like the new design. Not sure what the old design was like, but this one is very nice!

    I can’t wait to revisit some of the links here!

    I have been in a washcloth knitting/crocheting frenzy of late and have a huge pile of them now. I’ve not been able to pry myself away from the needles/hooks long enough to even photograph them and post them on my Rav page.

    Thanks for all the work you do here for us dishcloth and washcloth-addicted yarnies. If you ever want a tester for a new pattern, give me a shout.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks! I am glad you like the new design.
    I am glad you are having fun making washcloths. 🙂
    I can only take credit for the design of a couple cloths listed on the site. The other cloths and sites belong to a huge number of talented men and women who design them.
    My site serves as an easy way to the locate patterns.
    Thank you for your offer to be a pattern tester. I might take you up on it someday.


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