Sad News and Patterns

As many of you have probably heard, Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing Company is going out of business as of February 25, 2011.

If you want any of the free patterns on the site, you might consider getting them now. I have not heard what will happen to them after that date.

Also be advised that the purple cloth on the top of this page can be found on the Pisgah site at this location : Ballband Cloth . That  is where I got it.

It can also be found in a popular knitting book,: Mason Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Anne Shayne.

7 responses to “Sad News and Patterns

  1. OH NO! Theirs is my very favorite cotton yarn! What will those of us who love it, now DO? Will they be liquidating their stock at discounted prices or just liquidating it at regular prices? I am so sad to hear this. Thanks for the heads-up! I’m going out to Wal-mart and buying all they have.


  2. I am sorry for not posting this sooner.


  3. Okay–I am very confused! I just went to the Pisgah site ( and I see an announcement about selling off some of their stock, but I don’t see anything about them shutting their doors. Are they going to “go away forever”? Or what? Do you know for sure? How can I find out?
    Thanks so much!


  4. Oh no!! How could they!? What is a good alternative brand that won’t cost an arm & a leg??

    I need to get to WalMart & buy them out!!

    Guess I’m like Cheryl above! 😀


  5. Sad to see them go as I never got to go to the outlet store and yet I live so close. From what I understand, they’ve been bought by Spinrite which makes Paton, Bernat, and Lily yarns. Lily Sugar & Creme is the main competing product. Sugar & Creme is competitive on price, I’ve never seen it over $2US.

    From my experience, Peaches & Creme and Sugar & Cream are completely interchangeable. I liked buying P&C as it was an american product, made right here in my home state… but S&C is made in Canada, which isn’t too shabby.


  6. I bought the P&C, made in NC, yarn for years. I just began buying the stuff made in Canada—it is very different—doesn’t absorb like the stuff that had been made in NC—not sure what’s different, process or cotton quality— but I don’t like it:(


  7. The difference is the type and quality of the cotton being used. The cotton P&C used had longer fibers, called long staple cotton and grown in the USA. The yarn used in the cotton from Canada has shorter fibers and is less soft. i agree with you about not liking it.


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