What are your thoughts about me setting up a Yahoo Group to keep readers and  users informed of updates to this site?Does anyone have other ideas? I am open to any and all ideas as long as they are legal.

Thank you for all of your ideas.

5 responses to “Question

  1. Jennifer Williams

    I like the yahoo group idea. Facebook is good too. Thanks for keeping this going!


  2. Thank you for your ideas. How would I do this on Facebook?


  3. I like the yahoo idea. So many on facebook, I would rather keep most of my information off facebook. I am a member but do not go on often, everything is so public.


  4. I certainly respect your desire for privacy. II have mixed feelings about Facebook.


  5. Elizabeth Paal

    i think its a wonderful idea. I still haven’t had time to even try to make this scrunchie…I have the materials but need that state of mind to do it. They do make wonderful gifts! Now to learn how to access yahoo.


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