About Me

I am an avid knitter and crocheter who has enjoyed both arts for more than 40 years. I can and will knit or crochet almost anything that suits my wants or needs. I will alter a pattern to suit my needs or wants and have written a few of my own. I learned to loom knit a couple of years ago.Ā Ā  I enjoy writing and doing research about anything that interests my family, friends or myself.

My roles in life include being a wife; a Mom ; an RN, and a member of the community. I am a Christian.

Originally the purpose of this blog was two fold. The first goal is to provide readers with links to free dish and wash cloth patterns available on the Internet, done in knitting, crocheting and other forms of needlework, such as cro-hooking. The second goal was to provide general information about about dish and wash cloths.

As time as passed this blog has grown to include patterns for and information about other kitchen related items. This includes but is not limited to aprons, dish towels, pot holders and mop covers.

Copyright rules and laws are observed to the best of my human ability. There is no intent to let a reader think a patterns listed here is my own unless it is.

I started this blog because of a growing fascination with hand made dish and wash cloths. It began elsewhere but I learned very quickly that this format suits my goals for the blog better.

Questions, comments and requests from readers are encouraged. šŸ™‚

It is my sincere hope that readers of this blog enjoy and benefit from its contents.


45 responses to “About Me

  1. misslionheart

    I saw your blog when you had asked for help in the WordPress Forum. I suggested colour! The header looks great!

  2. I love how your website is organized….. it’s so fun to look at a particular category and find so many different patterns!

    What I’m looking for is a toilet paper cover or cozy. I knit, but I don’t know how to crochet. I want something more tailored (not cute or ruffly). I did see the sushi pattern, but I’m looking for something else…. I’m not ready for sushi in the bathroom yet! šŸ™‚ Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks the great website, and I hope you can help me!

  3. I found this blog off Google while looking for a dish detergent doll how to. I saw your pattern for the doll dress, and it is exactly what my grandma used to make. Unfortunately I do not know how to knit, can you help me find someone who would be able to make this?
    Thanks very much in advance,

  4. Hi,
    Exactly which pattern listed on my blog are you wanting to have made?
    Are you wanting to have it made for free? What color or colors are you
    wanting to have it made in?
    I do knit and am willing to make it for you. How quickly are you wanting
    or needing it?

  5. I’m having trouble with the tail on the Squiggles the Pig cloth.
    To knit the tail, you say pick up stitch at marker. Cast on 32 stitches. How do you cast on with something that’s already been knitted?
    I’m pretty new at this, so any help will be greatly appreciated!

  6. Let me see if I can explain this. To pick up the stitch you insert the needle into the place where the marker is and act like that is the first stitch. With that one stitch on your needle, cast on the number of stitches the using the knit on cast on method.( It is about half way down the page.)

    It is not nearly as hard as it sounds. Once you have done this, follow the rest of the pattern.

    If you have problems, let me know. I will be on the internet everyday and watching for a note from you to see how it worked.

  7. did the heart one and its beautiful. now i need one for someone maybe whos good desgining. a little school bus , not to hard now…… a knitted one…..

  8. I am looking for a pattern that I think is a hotpad because it is pretty thick.

    It is a 11 point rippled pattern, made with thread. After all the ripples are made it looked like you sewed the ends together and joined the 11 points in the center.

    I saw this in an antique store, but alas it is gone.

    Thanks for any help.

  9. Jennie,

    I just did a search for a school bus dishcloth on Google and at Knitting Pattern Central
    but did not find what you are looking for. I will be doing some serious updating to this site in the next few days and will keep a lookout for what you are wanting. If I find it, I will let you know.

  10. Laure,

    Your request has stumped me. I did a search on Google for Potholders and found a pattern for sale at Maggie’s Crochet
    that might be on the order of what you want: Ripple Potholder
    My search of Annie’s Attic website, Crochet Pattern Central and my own collection of patterns and books did not find anything matching your request
    You might try looking on the Leisure Arts website to see if there is a book containing it.
    I will let you know if I find a pattern for this in the next several weeks.

    Please know that I have no affiliation with any of the merchants mentioned in this note.

  11. Hi!

    i love your site- thanks for all the work you do for all of us.

    my brother has a blog with a number of dishcloth patterns and some really cute bath puppets i thought you might like to list on this site. Please take a look at http://brileyknits.blogspot.com

  12. I love the site. I need to know how to knit squiggles for the top of a hat I have knitted for my granddaughter. It is not an I-cord but little cork screw squiggles.

  13. I would like to know what pattern is on the tip right of your header? Is is a dish cloth? How can I get that pattern?

  14. I love your website and patterns. I’m looking for a pattern to knit “Garrett” and “Taylor”. I thought I found it on your website once but now I can’t. Do you happen to know where I could find such patterns?

  15. I have never blogged before, but with your site I had to. I am a self-taught knitter and love dishcloths. I have 2 children ( 6&9 ) and always running them somewhere and I like knitting while waiting and dishcloths are so portable. I made my cousin an aphgan for her baby using the Bobbles the Sheep pattern and put them together with a plain squares in a checkerboard pattern and it turned out really nice. So I just needed to say how much I LOVE this site. THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU:)

  16. I was wondering if anyone could help me…my son’s teacher collects Winnie the Pooh everything and I would love to knit her a Pooh dishcloth…can anyone tell me where to find one, or make a pattern for me…please. Thanks.

  17. Do you have the knitted sailboat cloth pattern that excludes the heart? I am making this for a male friend’s new apt. and the heart may be too feminine. THANK YOU

  18. Hi,

    Please forgive me for not replying to your not sooner. Life has been a bit crazy in my part of the world.
    I have looked and don’t find one. If I see one in the course of updating the site, i will let you know.

    Have a great day!

  19. Hi there

    I’d really like to chat with you about your love of dishcloths for a magazine feature I’m writing. Please could you email me back if this is something you’re willing to do?

    Best wishes, Lou

  20. How do I report to you a broken link? There should be a spot on your main page to click. At any rate, Jo’s Start Cloth is not found

  21. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will repair the problem after getting home from work today.

  22. In the photo that is behind your blog title, what is the name of the pattern that is on the right. It is purple and yellow. I have been trying to find that pattern for days!!! Thanks!

  23. Hi

    Can you change the links for sew-funky cloths on the knit cloths – round page. I’ve changed websites now and no longer use blogger. My new address is http://www.sew-funky.com


  24. It is being done. Your site looks great and has lots of cool patterns.

  25. Stephanie Richards Brown

    I am just looking for a few different patterns for dishcloths and washcloths on knifty knitter products. I am just starting out on looms and knitting in general.
    Thank you.

  26. You are welcome. I will be looking for more looming links as time allows.

  27. I love your website! Very nice. I love your knitted patterns, I am not a crotcheter but learning slowly.
    Do you have any knitted Dish soap Covers? I only see the crotched ones.
    Alice. From Canada.

  28. Thank you for your kind words. Have fun crocheting!

  29. There are some listed on the Bath Items-Misc of this site. They are at the lower part of the page and are list as soap sacks. I hope this is what you are wanting.

  30. Hi! I love it that you are a christian!
    I;m wanting to learn how make washcloths and more. What is the needel size that would be good and how many washcloths can be made out of one ball?
    Do they sell well? How much to sell that for?

  31. I found the grandmas favorite dishcloth knit pattern. It was my first knit pattern I read and understood all by myself. I can’t stop knitting them, giving them as gifts and selling them at a local coffee shop & to my massage therapist! They are quick, easy & relaxing. Love your blog site.

  32. Hello. I found your blog by Googling around after I saw a book on KnitPicks.com about dishcloths. It really piqued my curiosity. I used to crochet as a young girl but haven’t done so in many years, and I’m not sure I was ever any good at it, but I want to try again so I started looking around the internet for resources. Anyway, I am going to turn 55 in two months and, believe it or not, never before in my life have I ever heard of knitted or crocheted dish cloths before. I always have used sponges, so this is a foreign concept to me – besides, I don’t know if I could bear to use such pretty things to clean off crusty dishes. Are these dishcloths just made for collecting, or do people actually wash their dishes with them? Really, I cannot fathom it.

  33. Betty Hatten

    I am looking for cones of verigated red, white and blue cotton yarn. haven’t had much luck looking on my own, can you help me? Thanks, Betty

  34. Donna Campbell

    Thank you for such a wonderful collection! I’very been knitting for over 40 Yeats and I’ve always loved making dishcloths. I’m in the process of making a collection of several dishcloths for each of my sisters, brothers nieces and nephews based on their interests. Searching the Internet for weeks. You have everything I need right here. They’re lovely Thank you again

  35. Thank you very much for your kind words about my site.

  36. You might look on ebay.com or look up companies that make and sell cotton yarn online.

  37. Hi! I previously knit a “right angle” potholder from your site. I’ve been looking for it. It has like a space on each side of the angle stitch. Thanks for any help!

  38. Hi, I am stumped by this and wonder if the link was deleted because it was dead. If you can send me email on my contact page and can include a picture of it I will try to find it.

  39. Barbara: I just saw a right angle dishcloth pattern. Could this possibly be what you are wanting?:

    A good way to handle this is to copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser. If this is a problem, please feel free to contact me by way of the Contact Me page on this site and I will send you a link to it.

  40. Thank you scrunch. It will do I think though the one I saw had a space between. Think they are also called mired!!!

  41. I have an idea about what it might be, but I am not sure exactly where it is. I will look for it in the next hour or two and will get back to you about what I do or don’t find.

  42. Is this what you are looking for : http://sasw.blogspot.com/2005/01/dishcloths.html
    If not, let me know and I will look some more this weekend.

  43. Thank you so much. How did you find it. I guess I knitted it up about 2005 or so. That was so nice of you!

  44. You are so very welcome! It was my pleasure.

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