Angel Cloths

This page contains patterns for crocheted and knitted Angel cloths.


Poem by Cro Beanie -Kept here in kind memory of  Bea Wells

Angel Cloths-Crochet

Angel Dishcloth by Bea Wells ( aka Cro Beanie )

Angel Dishcloth-Craftown

Angel Cloths-Knit

Angel Cloth–From Web Archive

Angel Cloth

Angel of Welcome

Angel Wings Cloth

Knitted Angel

Tina’s Knit Dishcloth Angel

9 responses to “Angel Cloths

  1. Thanks so much for gathering these together.


  2. You are very welcome. This site is part of my way to return to the fiber community some of what it has given me over the years.

    Please forgive me for being so slow to respond. Computer time to answer mail has been very limited.


  3. Barbara Carroll

    Thank you so very much. These patterns look lovely:)


  4. Thank you so very much for taking the time to put this list of patterns together. It helped me find a pattern I had used once and couldn’t find again.


  5. I am looking for a doily pattern series by Bea Wells… Do you know or have any idea how I can find her??? The doilies are called Bee-utiful Bee-uties.

    I have seen picture of the finished product made by someone else…but I’ve never seen these doilies.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  6. I would love to crochet the Angel dis cloth, however, in the instructions I don’t understand what it means to work in FLO
    (what does that stand for) of next double crochet?

    Thank you so much


  7. The abbreviation: FLO means “front loop only”
    An explanation for this can be found here: Stitch Diva
    This same principle applies to all crochet stitches.
    I hope this helps.
    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.


  8. The page which comes up for the Angel of Welcome pattern, says “Site no longer exists”. Does anyone have that pattern so it is not lost forever to the rest of us?
    ~~ Janey


  9. I was able to find it on the Web Archive site and have updated the link on the page you first found it.
    Here is the link :


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