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The words that came to mind last night after my beloved St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series were those of Jack Buck : “Go Crazy Folks!”

It has been many years since they have won the World Series. Others have recounted the details of the games and more will continue do so. Like so many others I will read these accounts and relish in them for weeks to come.

Both teams played good baseball. The Tigers organization has come a long way and is to be respected for that. Both teams worked very hard to earn their League Championships. My hat is off to both of them. I know the Tigers committed some errors, but haven’t we all? It happens to all teams. To you Tiger fans: My heart goes out to you. As a Cardinal fan, I have been there on more than one occasion.

Now the season is over and it is time to move to the winter season. The focus in my house will return to the more mundane issues of everyday living such as : parenting; homeschooling; keeping house; knitting; crocheting; blogging ; my husband working; me looking for and hopefully getting work; and all of the other daily activities not mentioned.

Just in case you are interested, here is an article I found that expresses most of my feelings about this amazing season:
Baseball Memories

So to the baseball season I say: So long for now.

Links and Life

Life and links on this blog are an interesting combination at times. This week they are especially unique because it is the week of the Baseball World Series and the St. Louis Cardinals Team is one of the contenders. I have been an avid Cardinal fan since the early 1960’s, having grown up listening to Jack Buck of KMOX Radio announcing the games. The rest of my family also enjoys them as well. Our evening meals this week have been quick and easy to allow us time to be done eating before the ball game. Most evenings there is time to work on this blog while my family watches programs that are not my to my liking. Even I can be found watching it this week during the ball game.

In this house, good baseball is good baseball regardless of who plays, wins or loses. If the Cardinals win, so much the better!

In addition to the World Series, my favorite Web Browser Firefox came  out with a major update this week. Some of my computer time was spent setting up the browser to meet my wants and needs. The process was simple enough, but I kept getting side tracked trying it out and adding options to personalize it . It was fun to do. 🙂

In the meantime I am trying to keep this blog updated in between doing my assortment of Mom duties, taking time for email, knitting, crocheting, and living. Links have been added to the Towels, Holiday, Mop Covers and Knit Cloth sections. I will do more as time allows.