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Changes Made and Links Added

I have made several additions and changes to this blog in the past few days. The most significant change is that some patterns are now listed on more than one page:


  1. The Star Cloth is listed on the Knit Cloth page and the Holiday page.
  2. The Darrell Waltrip Cloth is listed on the Knit Cloth page and the Slip Stitch page.

My goal is to make it easier find patterns. You will find that this will be done especially with Holiday patterns. Right now my choices are based on what seems right at the moment.

There have been more links added to most pages. The Side Bar Section called Favorite Blogs and Web Sites has more sites listed. These are there for your reading pleasure.


Links Added

I have put some effort into adding links to the side bar today. I have included some that pertain to knitting and crocheting.

A link to Calming Seas has been included for several reasons. First of all, it is a good resource for all crocheters. Secondly, it is a tribute to all of those who have given freely of thier time and efforts over the years to make free crochet patterns readily available online. The new owners, Viqui and Lisa are doing an excellent job. My hat is off to both of them for continuing the work begun years ago by Karen Perkins aka Seafore. Thank You!!
I have also included links to the Mason Dixon Knitting site and the Mason Dixon KAL. These sites provide a refreshing and creative view of knitting some of the simple items we use as part of everyday living. This includes, but is not limited to dish and wash cloths.