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Dish Cloth Maker’s Cry

I try very hard to keep this blog strictly for links

It’s an unwritten rule I have you see.

This evening that rule is being broken and for a very good reason.

For it is  a little over a  week before Christmas and I am in a state of frenzy…That I am indeed.

It has dawned on me in a sudden burst that there are lots of deadlines to meet.

Dishcloths to make, an afghan to be seamed, a comfortghan to be complete.

There are links to be added here for others to use. My files are still overflowing with things to share.

So much to do and so little time  to be had.

Blast this silly bug it had to land on me now!!

Two days lost  to it  never  again to be found.

Take a deep breath and calm yourself down.

Things will get one way or another.

That’s easy to think, I tell myself…

One…Two…Three deep breaths I take.

Almost calm, now I am.

Until suddenly….It comes to me:

Oh no! Oh no! Is my cry…Where can it be?  Where can it be? That yarn that is set aside for a special set of dishcloths.

It is to go to my Sister in Law you see.

It’s the yarn that is pink,blue, and white, with just a tint of green,

It was here when I rearranged part of my stash.

Where did it go? Oh where did it go?

Three large bins of Rubbermaid  have been searched.

I looked through skeins of red, white and green.

There was every shade of purple, yellow and blue.

But there was not a ball of Seashore by Bernat to be seen.

I am NOT in a panic…Why no, not me!

Never, Never  No, not me!

Be still my heart, or you’ll go a flutter.

At last..It dawns on me.

Look in the cabinet that holds cones and clear bins.

I might find it there…

Yes!! Yes!! It is there. four precious skeins of the yarn I see.

Now some new dishcloths they will be…

What pattern to use? What will I choose?

Who do I ask? I say to myself…Who will know?

Go online I say to myself

There are tons to be found.

Will they be square, rectangular or round?

The answers are yet to be found…

What matters for now is that the yarn is in my hand.


Thank you gentle readers, for bearing with me as I expounded and vented  some of the frustrations felt today as I searched for some very important yarn.

May you each have much success in finding lost hooks, needles, looms, threads  and yarns. May your tools and hands be Blessed with Wisdom, Speed and Love as you make treasures for those you love and who need your love.

Please accept my thanks for using my site as a stopping place on your search for just the right gift! If you find one item of you use, then my time has not been in vain.

Please forgive my slowness to respond to each of you this year. Human frailty is my only excuse.
You have my promise of my best effort for more organization next year.

In the meantime, in case there is not time to post before:

May God Bless the Holiday Season for each of you. May you find Peace, Joy and Love now and in the days to come.


also known as Scrunchy or Scrunchyy

Claculating Tool and More Links

I have been busy adding more links today. There have been additions to the pages for Holidays, Crochet Cloths, Knit Cloths, and Lacy Cloths.
I found a new tool accidentally today at The Knitting Fiend’s site that answers the question:
“How to fit Stitch Multiples in a row of knitting?”

She has other calculators that deal with topics ranging from decreasing stitches evenly across a row to spacing buttonholes. Here is the link to the main page for the calculators:
Tools to help you convert knitting patterns .

Even though the author’s emphasis is on knitting, it seems to me that many of the math principles she describes could apply to crocheting as well. I speak from my own experience as one who enjoys doing both.

this site also has other pages that might be of interest. Here is one which has been added to my list of Pages to Explore:
Stitch Patterns.

May you find this useful and informative. 🙂

Changes Made and Links Added

I have made several additions and changes to this blog in the past few days. The most significant change is that some patterns are now listed on more than one page:


  1. The Star Cloth is listed on the Knit Cloth page and the Holiday page.
  2. The Darrell Waltrip Cloth is listed on the Knit Cloth page and the Slip Stitch page.

My goal is to make it easier find patterns. You will find that this will be done especially with Holiday patterns. Right now my choices are based on what seems right at the moment.

There have been more links added to most pages. The Side Bar Section called Favorite Blogs and Web Sites has more sites listed. These are there for your reading pleasure.


Links and Life

Life and links on this blog are an interesting combination at times. This week they are especially unique because it is the week of the Baseball World Series and the St. Louis Cardinals Team is one of the contenders. I have been an avid Cardinal fan since the early 1960’s, having grown up listening to Jack Buck of KMOX Radio announcing the games. The rest of my family also enjoys them as well. Our evening meals this week have been quick and easy to allow us time to be done eating before the ball game. Most evenings there is time to work on this blog while my family watches programs that are not my to my liking. Even I can be found watching it this week during the ball game.

In this house, good baseball is good baseball regardless of who plays, wins or loses. If the Cardinals win, so much the better!

In addition to the World Series, my favorite Web Browser Firefox came  out with a major update this week. Some of my computer time was spent setting up the browser to meet my wants and needs. The process was simple enough, but I kept getting side tracked trying it out and adding options to personalize it . It was fun to do. 🙂

In the meantime I am trying to keep this blog updated in between doing my assortment of Mom duties, taking time for email, knitting, crocheting, and living. Links have been added to the Towels, Holiday, Mop Covers and Knit Cloth sections. I will do more as time allows.


In the past few days there have been several items added to this site. I am making changes in the way I am classifying items. There are now categories for towels, both knitted and crocheted. I am not specifiying if they are hand or kitchen towels. That decision is left to the user of the pattern.

I am also not separating face and dish cloths. For this site, at this time, it is not feasible to do. If this offends anyone, please accept my apologies in advance.

I will eventually be adding some items for specific holidays. If you know of patterns for holidays that are not included, please let me know. I will not intentionally omit a holiday based on creed, religion or ethnic background. My goal is for this site to be a service for those of us who enjoy making hand made cloths and other items.
I have also been faced with the decision of whether or not to shorten the name a designer has given a pattern. There are times this seems to be needed in order to conserve space. If you are a designer and have been offended by my actions, please let me know. I do not mean to over ride your choice of name for your pattern. My motivation is simply to conserve space.