Christmas Items-Knit & Crochet

This page is for Christmas cloths and assorted Christmas related Christmas items. Unless followed by a ( C ) all items here are knitted.

A Christmas Dishcloth

Box of Ornaments

Christmas Checkered Hot Pads– ( C )

Christmas Gift Dishcloth-( C )

Christmas Hotpad-( C )

Christmas Lid Grabber-( C )

Christmas Mug Coasters-( C )-Almost halfway down the page

Christmas Ornament-December 2007 Free Pattern

Christmas Puff Dish Towel-( C )

Christmas Star-( K )

Christmas Tree Cloth-( K )

Christmas Tree Hot Pad-( C )

Christmas Tree Dishcloth-( K )-Shaped like a tree

Christmas Wreath Coaster-( C )

Happy Holiday Coasters-( C )

Holiday Coasters-( C )

Holly Design Dishcloth– ( K )

Illusion Candy Cane Dishcloth-( K )

Jolly Hat

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Christmas Pudding Dishcloth-( PDF )

Poinsettia Flower Hot Pad-( C )

Reindeer–PDF–3rd Row

Santa Hot Pad-( C )

Santa Stuck in Chimney–PDF–3rd Row

Star of Welcome-( K )

Stocking Dishcloth-( K )

Stocking Potholder or Hot Pad-( C )

Tannenbaum Dishcloth-( C )

The Santa Cloth-( K )

Three Angels–PDF–2nd Row

13 responses to “Christmas Items-Knit & Crochet

  1. Thank you for posting these great patterns! But now I have added to my holiday knitting! Sigh…


  2. Thank You for the great patterns. It is so good of you to share. They are all wonderful and i will have a great time knitting them!


  3. Thanks for posting the holiday patterns. I can’t wait to get started!!


  4. You are very welcome! I am glad you enjoy them. There will be more links added later today .


  5. Thanks so much for sharing your xmas cloths, but I do wish you would use a lighter cloth for the ones in green. It is hard to really see them.
    but I knitted them anyway.

    Do you have a santa face cloth or a xmas tree in knitting?

    Judy/Springboro Ohio


  6. Thank you for your comment and the suggestion. If it were in my control, your wish would be fulfilled.
    The patterns listed here are not my own designs, except for a few listed on my personal blog.


  7. Thank you for your kind words.
    If it were in my power I would do as you have asked. The patterns here are not my own unless they are on my personal blog. The purpose of this blog is to serve as resource for people to use when looking for patterns on the internet.


  8. Carolyn Moore

    Thank you for the great patterns. I’m new to knitting and I just love the dishcloths with pictures knitted in them! I’m going to knit all of them!!!


  9. You are very welcome!


  10. I was anxious to see the Christmas Bell and it comes up as Melissas Garden Wheelbarel. Just thought you needed to know. Not a problem for me, you patterns are terrific. Thanks Kathy


  11. This page has several patterns on it. If you go down about halfway on it, give or take a bit depending on your browser, you will find the pattern you are wanting.

    I hope this helps.


  12. I came on this website and saw these knitted washcloth patterns. I thought I would knit some for my daughter who is just moving out on her own. Thank you for these beautiful knitted picture patterns.


  13. You are very welcome for the links. I hope your daughter enjoys the dishcloths you make for her. I cannot take credit for the patterns listed here, except tor those on my own blog because they are not mine. This site has links to the sites and patterns of others.


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