Crochet Cloths

This page contains links to crocheted cloths.

29 Stitches

3-D Dishcloth

A Cactus Called Yuma Dishcloth

Afghan Stitch Dishcloth

African Flower Dishcloth

African Flower Dishcloth Pattern–a totally different pattern from the one above

African Sunset Dishcloth

Alwine’s Dishcloth

All Around Cloths

Americana Dishcloth

Autumn Leaf Dishcloth

Autumn Mum Dishcloth

Baby Scrubbie

Baby Steps Dishcloth

Baby Sweater Washcloth

Baby Washcloth

Baby Washcloth-another one

Back Porch Washcloth

Ball Stitch Dishcloth

Ballerina Dish Cloth

Barnie Bear Dishcloth

Baseball Dishcloth

Basic Crochet Dishcloth/Washcloth

Basketweave Dishcloth

Basketweave Dishcloth-another pattern

Basketweave Dishcloth-a different one

Basket Stitch Dishcloth

Basket Weave Dishcloth

Beach Party Dishcloth

Beach Stripes Dishcloth

Beginner’s Luck Dishcloth

Berry Bushes Dishcloth

Bev’s Quick & Efficient Dishcloth

Bev’s Scrappy Cloth

Big Girl Dish Cloth/Wash Cloth

Big N Burstin Out

Birdhouse Dishcloth

Black Tie Dishcloth

Blue Bobbles Dishcloth

Blue Butterfly Dishcloth

Blue Lagoon Spa Cloth

Blue Rattan Dishcloth

Boutonnier Dish Mop

Brick Wall Dishcloth-crocheted version of Ball Band Cloth

Britches Dishcloth-with poem

Bumped Shells Dishcloth

Burgundy Dress Dishcloth

Cafe au Lait Dishcloth

Camo Print Dishcloth

Candy Cane Dishcloth

Carnation Dishcloth

Carnival Dishcloth

Carpool Dishcloth

Catherine Wheel Ripple Dishcloth

Center of My Heart Dishcloth

CH-8 Dishcloth

Chain Dishcloth

Chain Stitch Face Cloth

Checker Dishcloth

Cherry Dishcloth

Christmas dishcloth

Christmas Gift Dishcloth

Christmas Shells Dishcloth

Christmas Star Dishcloth

Christmas Wreath Dishcloth

Cinco Bobble Discloth

Circles Dishcloth

Citrus Twist Dishcloth

Climbing Violet Dishcloth

Cluster Bobble Dishcloth

Cluster Dishcloth

CobbleStitch Dishcloth

Color Wave Dishcloth

Colorful Journey Dishcloth

Corded Craziness

Corner Start Fan Shaped Dishcloth

Corner to Corner Dishcloth

Cornflower Dishcloth

Cottage Block Dishcloth

Cotton Candy Popcorn Dishcloth

Cotton Cloth with Swirls and Textures

Country Heart Dishcloth

Country Twists Dishcloth

Crayons Dishcloth

Crazy Cloth Dishcloth

Creamer Dishcloth

Crochet Dandy Dishcloths

Crochet Cloth

Crochet Dishcloth-#1

Crochet Dish Cloth-#2

Crochet Dishcloth

Crocheted Cotton Chenille Washcloth

Crocheted Cotton Dish Scrubbers

Crocheted Ridges Dishcloth-second pattern down on the page

Crocheted Square Washcloth

Crocheting A Washcloth

Crocheted Ribbed Dishcloth

Crocheted Ridges Dish Cloth-second pattern down on the page

Crocodile Scrub N Wipe Dishcloth

Cross Stitch Cloth

Cross Stitch Dishcloth

Cross Stitch Dishcloth-another one

Country Ripple Stitch Dishcloth

Cupcake Crochet Dishcloth

Cute Cupcake

Cyndi’s Favorite

Dainty Dishcloth

Dandy Dishcloth

Daisy Dishcloth

Daisy Dishcloth-another one

Daydreaming Dishcloth

Decrease Dishcloth

Denim Daze Dishcloth

Deep Purple Dishcloth

Delicate Dishcloth

Denim Tracks Dishcloth

Diagonal Blocks Dishcloth

Diagonal Dishcloth of Summer

Diagonal Stripes Dishcloth

Diamond Dishcloth

Diamond Dishcloth-another one

Diamond Edge Facecloth-on WayBack Machine Archive

Diamond Filet Dishcloth

Diamonds Dishcloth

Diamonds & Rust Dishcloth

Dips and Stripes Dishcloth


Dishcloths-Knit and Crochet

Dishcloth Squared

Dishcloth With Heart

Dish Cloth

Doily Face Scrubbie

Domino Dishcloth

Double Crochet Cloth

Double Trouble Dish Cloth

Double Sided Ridged Washcloth

Dreams of Springtime Dishcloth

Duke and Duchess Cloth

Duchess Dishcloth-third cloth down on the page

Earthtone Ombre Crochet Dishcloth-also uses Tunisian and Slip Stitches

Easter Bunny Dishcloth

Easter Egg Dishcloth

Easter Egg Dishcloth-another one

Easy As…”hdc’

Easy Dishcloth

Easy Crossover Dishcloth

Easy Doubles Dishcloth

Easy Mesh Dishcloth

Emerald Isle Dishcloth

Evergreens in the Round Dishcloth

Extra Large Spa Cloth

Eyelets Dishcloth

Face Cloth

Face Cloth-another one

Fancy Heart Dishcloth

Fast and Easy Blue Dishcloth

Festive Rows Dishcloth

Filet Cluster Dishcloth

First Dishcloth

Fish Crochet Dishcloth

Flat Rose Dishcloth

Flag Dishcloth

Floral Bounty Dishcloth

Floral Scrub Dishcloth

Florets Dishcloth

Flower Basket Dishcloth

Flower Child Dishcloth

Flower Frenzy Dishcloth

Flower In Circle Dishcloth

Flower Scrubbie Dishcloth

Floppy Scrubbie Dishcloth & Scrubbie

Flower For Spring Dishcloth

Forget-Me-Not Dishcloth

FPDC-Scrubbie and Dishcloth

Framed Puff Stitch Dishcloth

Frankie Frog

Fun Flower Dishcloth

FunFetti Dishcloth

Garden Bloom Dishcloth

Garnet in Lace Dishcloth

Gingerbread Dishcloths*

Gingerbread House Dishcloth

Glass Menagerie Dishcloth

Golden Fans Dishcloth

Golden Triangle Dishcloth

Gone Wild Washcloth

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Dishcloth

Granny Rows Dishcloth

Granny Spokes

Granny’s Dishcloth

Granny’s Path Dishcloth

Granny Style Dishcloth

Granny Square Dishcloth

Grapes Dishcloth

Green Check Dishcloth

Greenfields Dishcloth

Harvest Rows Dishcloth

Heart Baby Washcloth

Heart Dishcloth

Heart Of A Dishcloth

Hearts Go Round Dishcloth

Hexagon Dishcloth

“His” Dishcloth

Holey Dishcloth

Holiday Hexagon Dishcloth

Holiday Ruffles Dishcloth

Holly Squares Dishcloth

Holy, Wholly, Holey Dishcloth

Horizontal Ribs Dishcloth

Houndstooth Dishcloth

Hugs and Kisses Dishcloth

Humpty Dumpty

Ice Cream Cone Dish Cloth

Ida’s Dishcloth

Illusions Dishcloth

Impressions Dishcloth

Indian Blanket Dishcloth

Indian Summer Dishcloth

In Motion Dishcloth

“It’s a John Deere, Dear” Dishcloth

Janelle’s Angel Dishcloth #1 or here

Janelle’s Star Dishcloth

Juanita Rose Dishcloth

Judy-The School Bus Driver

Just Ducky Dishcloth

Karen’s Dishcloth

Kathleen’s Dishcloth

Kim’s Fans and Pineapples Dishcloth

Kitchen Pants Dishcloths -with poem and here

Kitten Krazy Dishcloth

Knots and Crosses Dishcloth

Lacy Blue Dishcloth

Lacy Cloth

Lacy Crochet Dishcloth

Lacy Delights

Lacy Honeycomb Dishcloth

Lacy Petals Dishcloth

Lacy Square Dishcloth

Lacy Squarish Dishcloth

Lacy Violets Dishcloth

Ladybug Dishcloth

Lady Bug Dishcloth

Lattice Dishcloth

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth

Laurie’s Cloth

Lava Lamp Dishcloth

Lava Rock Dishcloth

Lavender and Spearmint Dishcloth

Lavender Lane Dishcloth

Layered Dishcloth

Lazy Daisy Dishcloth

Leaf Dishcloth

Liberty Square Dishcloth

Lilac Lace Dishlcoth

Lily Crochet Washcloth and here

Lime or Lemon Scrubbie Dishcloth

Linked Leaves Dishcloth

Little Black Purse Dishcloth

Little Blue Schoolhouse Dishcloth

Little Diamonds Dishcloth

Little Dress Cotton Dishcloth and here

Little Quacker Dishcloth

Little Starbursts Dishcloth

Log Cabin Dishcloth

Log Cabin Scrap Dishcloth

Loop to Loop Dishcloth

Loopy Dishcloth

Lumpy Dishcloth

Many Scalloped Boxes Dishcloth

Marjorie Crochet Dishcloth-Breast Cancer Awareness

Merry Christmas Dishcloth 20o9-( C )

Mesh Dishcloth

Mexican Eye Dishcloth

Michigan Sunflower Dishcloth

Mindless Dishcloth

Mini Pineapples Dishcloth

Mint Bobbles Dishcloth

Moon Flower Dishcloth

Mosaic Plaid Ripple Dishcloth

“Mr. Bundles” Cotton Washboards

My Fave Dishcloth

My Favorite Dishcloth

My Favorite Dish/Wash Cloth

My Pointed Granny Dishcloth

My Take On Elaine Dishcloth

Nascar Dishcloth

Navajo Ripples Dishcloth

Nelda’s Dishcloth

New Year’s Dishcloth

Nine-Patch Dishcloth

Nipmuc Dishcloth

Nubby Dishcloth

Nubby Dishcloth-a different one

Nubby-Scrubby Washcloth

Ocean Shells Dishcloth

Ocean Waves Dishcloth

Ocean Waves Dishcloth-another one

Ocean Weave Dishcloth

Octagonal Dishcloth

Ode to a Hydrangea Dishcloth

Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths

On The Edge Dishcloth

Open Edge Dishcloth

Open Mesh Magic Dishcloth

Open Shell Dishcloth

Open Shell Dishcloth-another one

Orange Blossom Dishcloth

Orange Slice Dishcloth

Pansy Dishcloth

Pansy Parade Dishcloth

Passion Flower Dishcloth

Passion Flower Dishcloth-another one

Peach Delight

Peach Pinwheel Dishcloth

Peachy Path Dishcloth

Pebbly  Pink & White Striped Dishcloth

Penguin Dishcloth

Phat Cat Dishcloth

Picket Fence Dishcloth Pattern

Pie Dishcloths

Pinafore Dishcloth or here

Pineapple Dishcloth

Pineapple Dishcloth-another version

Pineapple Cluster Dishcloth

Pineapple & Leaves Dishcloth

Pineapple & Shell Dishcloth

Pink Basket Dishcloth

Pink Clusters Dishcloth

Pink Pansy Dishcloth

Pink Shells Dishcloth

Pink Stripes Dishcloth

Pink Triple Posts Dishcloth

Pinky Stripes Dishcloth

Pinwheel Dish Cloth

Plain Peach Dishcloth

Plain and Simple Dish Cloth/Wash Cloth

Plum Inspired Dishcloth

Poinsettia Dishcloth

Poinsettia In A Square Dishcloth

Polka Dots Dishcloth

Poly Whirl Dishcloth

Popcorn and Stripes Dishcloth

Popcorn Dishcloth

Popcorn Shells Dishcloth

Pretty In Pink Dishcloth

Pretty Pastels Dishcloth

Pretty Scallops Dishcloth

Pumpkin Dishcloth

Puff Stitch Dishcloth

Purple Dishcloth

Purple Puffs Dishcloth

Quick and Easy Dishcloth

Quick Beginner Dishcloth

Quick-n-Easy Mesh Cloth

Quilted Star Dishcloth

Rainbow Dishcloth

Rapid Blue Dishcloth

Red Anemone Dishcloth

Red Apple Dishcloth

Red Hat Happy Hooker Dishcloth

Red Mum Dishcloth

Red Radiance Dishcloth

Red Roof Birdhouse Dishcloth

Red and White Pinwheel Dishcloth

Retro Ripple Dishcloth

Reversible Five-Sided Dishcloth

Reversible Lattice Stitch Dishcloth

Ribbed Edge Dishcloth

Ribbed Washcloths ( Tutorial )

Rickrack Dishcloth

Root Beer Dishcloth

Rose Facecloth and Bath Puff

Rose Granny Dishcloth

Rose In Bloom

Rose Swirl Dishcloth

Round Dishcloth

Round Dishcloth 1

Round Dishcloth 3– with poem

Round Dishcloth 4

Round Dish Cloth

Round Heart Dishcloth

Round n Round Dishcloth

Round Sunshine Dishcloth

Royal Ridge Dishcloth

Rudolph Dishcloth

Ruffle Granny Dishcloth

Ruffled Granny Dishcloth

Ruffle Edge Dishcloth

Ruffled Denim Dishcloth

Ruffled Square Dishcloth

Ruffles and Ridges Dishcloth

Salt & Pepper Dishcloth

Sandcastles Dishcloth

Santa Dishcloth

Scalloped Dishcloth/Washcloth

Scallops Dishcloth

Scare Crow Crochet Dishcloth

Scrap Dishcloth

Scrappy Dishcloth

Scrubbing Dishcloth

Scrubby Dishcloth

Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth

Scrap Ripple Cloth

Scrubby Dishcloth

Sea And Sand Dishcloth

Sea Wave Dishcloth

Sedge Stitch Dishcloth

Seagulls Dishcloth

Shaded Browns dishcloth and matching Potholders-( C )

Shapely Shells Dishcloth

Shaded Shells Dishcloth

Shamrock Dishcloth

Shell Mile-a-Minute Dishcloth

Shell Point Chenille Facecloth

Shell Variation Dishcloth

Shells Dishcloth

Shells And Filet Dishcloth

Shells And Lace Dishcloth

Shells Galore

Shells In A Row Dishcloth

Shell Loop Dishcloth

Silky Pink Dishcloth

Simple Cloth

Simple Crochet Mat ( or Dishcloth )

Simple Dishcloth

Simple Dishcloth-Another one

Simple Lacy Look Dishcloth

Simple Shells Dishcloth

Simplicity Dishcloth

Single Stitch Cloth

Singly Pink Dishcloth

Snowflake Dishcloth

Snowflake Dishcloth-Another one

Snowman Block Dishcloth

Snowman Dishcloth

Snow Lady Dishcloths

Snow Pines Dishcloth

Snow Tracks Dishcloth

Sock Dishcloth

Soft Washcloth For Baby

Soul Heart Dishcloth

Southwestern Crochet Dishcloth

Spider Dishcloth ( crochet )

Spiral Washcloth

Spring Confetti Dishcloth

Solar Eclipse Dishcloth

Solid Shell Dishcloth

Southern Blossom Dishcloth

Southwestern Flair Dishcloth

Spic-N-Span Dishcloth

Spike Stitch Dishcloth

Spiral Dishcloth

Spring Shells Washcloth

Spring Song Dishcloth

Square On Point Dishcloth

Square Puff Dishcloth

Square Spiral Dishcloth

Stained Glass Flower Dishcloth

Star Dishcloth

Star Dishcloth-another one

Star Spangled Crochet Dishcloth

Stars and Stripes Dishcloth

Starlight Dishcloth

Strawberries in a Row Dishcloth

Strawberry Fields Dishcloth

Straw Flower Dishcloth

Striped Rib Dishcloth

Striped V-stitches Dishcloth

Subtle Hearts Dishcloth

Sugar Bowl Dishcloth

Summer Fan Dishcloth

Summer Lime Lines Dishcloth

Summer Rose Dishcloth

Summer Shells Dishcloth

Summer Splash Dishcloth

Sunburst Dishcloth

Sunburst Dishcloth-a round one

Sunny Day Dishcloth

Sunny Day Dishcloth-another one

Sunny Day Red Hat Dishcloth

Sunshine Dishcloth

Sunshine Dress Dishcloth

Sunshine Dishcloth with Scrubbie

Sunshine & Cool Breeze Dishcloth

Sunflower 2 Dishcloth

Sunny Day Dishcloth

Sunny Square Dishcloth

Super-Simple Crocheted Dishcloths

Suzi’s Dishcloth-Pineapple

Sweetheart Dishcloth

Tangerine Dream Dishcloth

Tannenbaum Dishcloth-( C )

Tea Cup Dishcloth

Tea Pot Dishcloth

Textured Crocheted Dishcloth

Textured Dish Cloth Pattern

Textured Dishcloth

Textured Dishcloth-another one

Textured Stripes Dishcloth

Textured V-Stitch Dishcloth and here

Thanksgiving Turkey Crochet Dishcloth-( C )

The Blues Dishcloth

The Crazy Cloth Dishcloth

The Little Piggy Crochet Dishcloth

The Perfect Dishcloth

The Rambler Dishcloth

Thermal Stitch Dishcloth

Thick N Bumpy Dishcloth

Thirteen Grannies In A Square Dishcloth

This Little Piggy Dishcloth

Tractor ” John Deere” Dishcloth

Tradewinds Dishcloth

Tramlines Dishcloth

Trebble Dishcloth

Trebble Dipped Dishcloth

Treble Textured Dishcloth

Triangles Dishcloth

Tricolor Dishcloth

Triple Crochet Dishcloth

Triple Quick Cloth

Tropical Breeze Dishcloth

Tulip Crochet Dishcloth

Tulip Dishcloth-( C )

Tumbling Blocks Dishcloth

Turkey Dishcloth

Two Steps Forward Dishcloth

V Stitch Dishcloth

V-Stitch Variation Dishcloth

Valentine Heart Dishcloth

Valentine Ripple Dishcloth

Very Berry Dishcloth

Very Easy V Stitch Cloth

Vintage Check Dishcloth

“Vintage Rose” Round Crocheted Dishcloth*

Vintage Valentine Dishcloth

Waffle Ice Cream Dishcloth

Wagon Wheel Dishcloth


Water Lily Dishcloth

Watermelon Dress

Watermelon Dishcloth

Wavy Ripple Dishcloth

Western Hoedown Dishcloth

Wheel Within Dishcloth

“Where Do I Plug It In?” Dishcloth

White Snowflake Dishcloth

Whirligig  Dishcloth

White Diamonds Dishcloth

Who Knows? Dishcloth

Wide And Narrow Pathways

Wild Rose Dishcloth

Windmill Dishcloth

Windows Dishcloth

Winter Greeting

Winter Rose Cloth

Winter Solstice Dishcloth

Winter Sunrise Dishcloth

Witch’s Hat Dishcloth

Woodsy Dishcloth

Wreath Dishcloth

Yellow Brick Dishcloth

Yipes Stripes Dishcloth

Zig Zag Dishcloth

18 responses to “Crochet Cloths

  1. Lorna Reely

    This is a very good site.

    Thank You

  2. Really appreciate this compilation of patterns, but just to let you know a lot of the links are dead.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of keeping up with this blog the way I prefer.

    Hopefully, now that the holidays are over and some major projects completed, that will change.


  4. I am looking for a crochet angel face dishcloth. Do you happen to have one or know where I can get a pattern. Thank you for your time.

  5. At this time, I do not know of one.

  6. You have saved me so much money by having these crochet patterns online.

    Thank you


  7. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together

  8. You are very welcome! I am glad you enjoy the site!

  9. I am glad you like the site. The patterns are not my own designs but belong to the individual designers who created tehm.

  10. Great site, found what wanted. Will be back for more !

  11. I Love this site.
    There is so many patterns!

  12. Great site! Can you tell me which pattern was used to make the rainbow colored cloth pictured at the top of the page?

  13. Thank You for your kind words.

  14. Thanks for the compliment.
    The dishcloth with orange/pink and yellow was made using a Grandmother’s Favorite Patttern
    The other cloth is the Ballband Cloth found on the Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing site

  15. Pingback: Crochet Dish Cloth Patterns « IAmOneWeAreThree

  16. Nothing from opens. Would love to see all the patterns.

  17. Many of the patterns on this site are now for sale. I will be removing them gradually in the upcoming as I find them. I If you are wanting some of these, try going to Maggie’s site at:
    There is a link at the bottom that page to Free Patterns.

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