Scrubbies and Cloths with Scrubbies

There are links to knitted , loomed, crocheted  and Tunisian Crochet  scrubbies on this page. These are crocheted unless otherwise noted.

Aloo Scrubber– ( K )

Bev’s Ugly Scrubbie-( K )

Big Girl Dish Scrubby-( C )

Body and Dish Scrubber-( C )

Chevron Scrubby Mitts-( K )

Citrus Scrubs Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern-( T )

Crocheted Flower Scrubbies

Crocheted Scrubbie

Crocheting Dish Scrubbies 101

Daisy Scrubber-( C )

Daisy and Sunflower Re-Usable Scrubbies-( C )-PDF file for download

Dishcloth Duo-PDF ( K )

Dishcloth Scrubbie-( C )

Dishwashing Tawashi

Double Thick Scrubby Dishcloth-( C )

Easy Multipurpose Scrubber– ( C )

Easy Sunflower Scrubby Dishcloth-( C )

Flat Circular Scrubbie

Floppy Scrubbie Dishcloth & Scrubbie

Foot or Dish scrubber-( C )

FPDC-Scrubbie and Dishcloth*

Frilly Scrubbie

Honeycomb Scrubs Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern–( T )

How To Make Crocheted Net Scrubbers-( C )

Hyperbolic Psuedosphere Scrubbie-( C )

I Love Tawashis–( K )

Jellyfish Bath Scrubbies-( C )

Knitted Dish Scrubbie-( K )-shows how to make scrubbie with nylon net

KornFlakes Scrubber Cloth

Lily Sugar’nCream Tidy Up Knit Dishcloth-( K )-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’nCream Scrubbing Stripes Knit Dishcloth-( K )-(PDF )

Little Scrubbie-( K )

Loom Knit Scrubby–( L )

Mini Almost Lost Washcloth–( K )

My Greenie Pot Scrubber-( C )

My Tawashi

Nylon Net Pot Scrubber– ( C )

Polyomino Puzzle Dishcloth-( C )

Popcorn Pot Scrubber

Poppy Kitchen Scrubby-( C )

Pot Scrubber From Plastic Bags-( C )

Pot Scrubber Out of Nylon Netting-( K )

Puff Stitch Scrubber

Radioactive Scrubs Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern-( T )

Scrubber Dishcloth-( K )

Scrubbie Cloth

Scrubbies Pattern-( PDF )

Scrubbing Bobbles Scrubby Sponge-( C )

Scrubbing Dishcloth-( C )

Scrubby Dishcloth-( C )

Shell Stitch Scrubbie Cloth-( C )

Shower Scrubbie-( C )-listed about 1/2 way down the page-Listed under Other Free Patterns

Simple Circles Cotton Scrubby Dishcloth-( C )

Spiral Scrubbie-( C )

Simple Scrubby Dishcloth-( C )

Spider Scrubbie -( C )

Spring Garden Scrubs-( C )

Sunshine Scrubs-( C )

Suzetta’s Scrubbie

Sweet Somethings–( K )

Tawashi Cloth

Tawashi Scrubbie-( C )

Very Easy Small Scrubbie-( C )

Very Merry Scrubby Dishcloth-( C )

Yo yo Scrubby-( K )

30 responses to “Scrubbies and Cloths with Scrubbies

  1. thanks for the wonderful patterns. I knit and crochet too.


  2. Can’t wait to try the knit scrubbie! Thank you for the wonderful pattern.


  3. I am glad you found what you need and like the pattern.


  4. melinda eubanks

    I think your patterns are awesome. I love that you have more than just one…the same old ones…Thanks!


  5. Can someone tell me what worsted weight cotton yarn is? I can’t seem to find it! thanks for any help!


  6. Here is the best place to learn about yarn weights in a nutshell:
    Example of worsted wt.cotton yarn are:
    Peaches & Creme
    Lion Brand
    Sugar ‘n Cream

    These are a medium wt.yarn made from cotton.
    This list is not a complete list of such yarns available, but is a good starting point. Most of them can be found in sores such as Wal-Mart, Michaels, JoAnn’s, Hancock’s and other fabric or craft stores.They can also be purchased from a variety of merchants who sell craft/yarn supplies by catalog or the internet.


  7. I’m looking for the pattern for the towels that are sewn and then coated with something. They are just made from cut up towels and then are surged and coated. I would like to know what they are coated with so I can make my own. If anyone could help I would appreciate it!


  8. I am looking for the same pattern as Nicole and would very much like to make my own as well. My sister has one of these cloths and together we can’t figure out what they are coated in. Anyone with this info?


  9. I have never heard of coating towels with anything.


  10. Love that I found this site. We want to make some scrubbers for Christmas gifts. Do you ever make any with nylon netting? Thank you.


  11. Linda Stephenson

    Has anyone a pattern or directions for knitting strips of netting fabric, like you use in a wedding gown, into tough scrubbies? I have seen them and two craft fairs and would like to know how it is done.


  12. I have not seen any patterns for something like this, but will keep my eyes open fir it.


  13. My scrubbie pattern is listed on this page


  14. I am looking for the pattern/instructions for making a dishwashing puff. They are made from netting cut in circles and tied together in a pom pom fashion. They resemble a body poof and are great for kids learning to wash dishes. They cannot be hard to make. Any ideas as to where to find the instructions?


  15. Hi,

    I have seen instructions for these somewhere, but am not sure where it is.
    I will be working on this blog in my free time this week. If I find what you are looking for, I will let you know.


  16. Dear “Kendra Says”: (March 17, 2008)

    I remember my grandmother and I made them here is a web-cite I found after reading your request. Hopefully this will help. Enjoy.


  17. I am confused. This does not show anything about scrubbies.


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  19. does any one have the pattern or direction for these nylon netting scrubbie/ Please reply?


  20. If you are interested in knitting them I can give you a very simple pattern to do so. I have knitted these for years and now add a knitted piece of cotton yarn to the back that really makes a good scrubbie. The net is cut into 3 inch strips from 72 inch wide nylon net. Make sure it is stiff an not the soft stuff. Using size 10 or 10 1/2 needles ( your preference) cast on 10 stitches,knit about 10 rows and bind off. It usually takes about 3 strips to make a scrubbie. The dishcloth side is size 7 needles and about 12-13 stitches and do the same. Garter stitch for as many rows as it takes to make about the same size piece as the net and bind off then slip stitch with a crochet hook around. To join the net just overlap the pieces 1/2 inch or so and continue to crochet, or when cutting the net as I just found on a site when cutting the strips, cut from the raw edge to within about an inch of the other edge and do not cut through. You then have one long continous strip to knit up. You can make them crocheted as well, but I didn’t have much success when trying to crochet the net, so I prefer to knit them. Hope this works for you. Linda


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  22. Sandy Burson

    Thank you so much for posting these links. I love Kornflakes scrubby pattern. I lost it this past year and have not been able to find it! You made my day and now I am off to crochet a scrubby!



  23. You are welcome!


  24. My 97 year old Grandmother crochets netting scrubbies.


  25. I recently purchased a couple of scrubbies on vacation at a little General store. Pattern looks easy, but the material is kind of stiff and scratchy. Does anyone know what it could be. One site said Taslin yarn, I have been unsucessful in finding it.


  26. I am looking for a very easy detailed pattern for a puff scrubbies. Bought some at the local peach festival. They seemed to be crocheted in nylon type material. They look easy to make…but I am a pattern person. thanks for everyones help


  27. If you don’t find a link to what you want, try going to
    It is free and easy to join.


  28. I am looking for a list of uses for the hand knitted scrubbies to attach to the scrubby. Can anyone help me? Blessings. Judy, Indiana


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