Diagonally Made Cloths

This page contains dishcloths made on the diagonal. Unless otherwise noted they are knitted.

More Diagonally made cloths can be found here.

8 inch Garter Stitch Bias Square-about 1/4 of the way down. Not designed for a dishcloth, but makes a very good easy one when made with cotton yarn.

Bernat Easy Dishcloth– (PDF )

Bunny Dishcloth

Diagonal Cloth With Scallop Edge-( C )

Diagonal Bee Dishcloth

Diagonal Bee Stitch Cloth

Diagonal Dishcloth of Summer-( C )

Diagonal Garter Stripe Cloth

Diagonal Owl

Diagonal Penguin Dishcloth

Diagonal Squirrel Dishcloth

Diagonal Stripes Dishcloth-( C )

Diamond Dishcloth-( C )

Eyeletless Diagonal Garter Cloth

Hills and Valleys

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Simple Ridge and Eyelet Dishcloth-( PDF )

Multidirectional Diagonal Dishcloth

Penguin Dishcloth

Textured Dish Cloth Pattern-( C )

3 responses to “Diagonally Made Cloths

  1. Thanks for that first link. I’d never seen that blog before. When I get a free moment (hehe) I’ll enjoy perusing it to find something interesting to make. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the concise list of dishcloth pattern links. I can’t believe that there is a website all about knitting dishcloths. That’s pretty cool.


  3. Your content is great, thank you


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