Food Cloths

Apple-( K )

Cute Cupcake -( C )

Red Apple Dishcloth-( C )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Candy Corn Dishcloth-( PDF )-K

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Christmas Pudding Dishcloth-( PDF )-K

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Citrus Slice Dishcloth, Lemon-( PDF )- K

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Melon Slice Dishcloth-( PDF )-K

Lily Sigar’n’Cream Peary-Nice Dishcloth-( PDF )-K

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Pineapple Dishcloth-( PDF )-K

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Popsicle Dishcloth-( PDF )-K

Strawberry-( K )

Watermelon Dishcloth-( C )

Watermelon Slice Dishcloth-K

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