Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth-Knit

This page contains several versions of a dishcloth called Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth.

Links to more cloths made diagonally can be found here.

8 inch Garter Stitch Bias Square-about 1/4 of the way down. Not designed for a dishcloth, but makes a very good easy one when made with cotton yarn.

Basic Dishcloth

Beginner’s Pattern

Bev’s Fave Knit Bazaar Dishloth-near very bottom of the page–and here–top of page

Bev’s Spa-ahhhhhh-cloth–2nd cloth down

Diagonal Dishcloth of Summer

Free Knit Washcloth Pattern

Grandmother’s Favorite

Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth

Grandmother’s Favorite Snowman-Link to PDF pattern on this page

Hills and Valleys

Idiot’s Duishcloth

Knitted Dishcloth

My First Dishcloth

New Twist on Grandmother’s Dishcloth :
–A and M Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth

  1. I Love You
  2. The Original
  3. Texas Tech
  4. With Heart

Patriotic and Clean
Traditional Dishcloth Variation

Variation on a Theme-aka not named

Wrapper Cloth–Photo here

75 responses to “Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth-Knit

  1. Thanks for sharing! There is something calming about making these useful cloths! Sometimes, I won’t knit because the project seems too collassal (sp)and I can’t get started. Yet, knitting is calming.

  2. Marie englin

    Love all the patterns. Thank You

  3. I really enjoyed knitting the pattern” Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth” . It is a very easy pattern and great for a beginner….thanks for all of the free patterns…

  4. Marie,

    I am glad you are enjoying the patterns. It is fun to search the internet and find them.

  5. Janet,

    I am glad you enjoyed knitting that pattern.
    It is a good, easy pattern. You are welcome for the links to the patterns. It is fun to search the internet for free patterns.

  6. I love kniting grandma’s favorite dishcloth, I have one peoblem, it never comes out square. The end where you knit 2 together always ends up more pointed…any advice???


  7. I sometimes struggle with that also. One thing that helps is to end the cloth a bit early. Follow the pattern until there are 3-5 stitches on the needle and then bind them all off. That makes a corner that is a lot less pointed.

  8. Has anyone tried the Texas Tech variation?
    I recall starting it a while ago & struggling with it.
    (The was last summer some time when I very first started to knit.)
    I’m really wanting to try it again, but just wondered if anyone else had a hard time? Is it just me? Do I just need to “trust the pattern”? LOL
    Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts.

  9. I have not yet made Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth and I have a question about the pattern. For row 2, when you say “knit to the end of the row” is it unclear. Do you mean only knit, or do you mean “repeat” the entire pattern until the end of the row.

  10. When a pattern reads “knit to the end of the row” it means to do the knit stitch for the rest of a row. It normally does not mean to repeat any sort of pattern.

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  12. Since I started knitting these dishcloths, I have made at least a dozen in all different shades. Also, I usually knit a couple of “coasters” to match. 31 or 32 stitches is perfect — just follow the same pattern for a miniature!

  13. Hi,

    Like you, I have made a lot of these in different colors. They work up quickly and easily.
    The coasters made the way you describe are great. I have made some like this to keep and they work well. It is also a good way to use scraps.

  14. Hello…
    Thank you for the free pattern on grandma’s dishcloth. Can you tell me what the abbriviation YO means? Also…I’m not sure how to cast off.
    Thanks in advance..

  15. I am working on Grandma’s favorite with heart and when I get to 40 the instruction is .(k1, k2tog, etc)…knit across and all odd rows. Is there possibly an error in the instructions because if I knit across on the wrong side row, I get garter stitch across the middle of the heart, where it should be stockingnette… or possibly I am reading the pattern wrong. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate the help.

  16. Loved every pattern you have. Really simple and easy to make. Keep up the good work! Hope to find more next time I visit this site.
    Thanks again, Good job!

  17. I have always purled the last stitch on each row and slipped the 1st stitch except on the 1st row. It leaves a real nice edge.
    Thank you for all the variations of the pattern. I have been making these for years and was asked to make some for our Harvest Market this year.

  18. Hi, I was looking online to buy some knitted dishcloths and upon finding your site, have further decided to try and knit myself! (…unless you are selling any) In any case, thank you!

  19. Polly Rees

    Please help me find the pattern of the white & purple dishcloth. Thank-you.

  20. You can find the pattern on the web site of the Pisgah Yarn and dying Company here:

    I hope this helps. Enjoy!

  21. Thank you for this wonderful pattern…I was doing a dish cloth and couldn’t remember how to decrease the last half. I’m glad you are sharing this web site and this information …It is so wonderful.. Again…Thank you …

  22. neddlessheldon

    I love this pattern it is so quick and easy and looks good thanks for sharing it.

  23. neddlessheldon


  24. I love knitting washclothes because they are easy. has anyone found that they are better than ones you can buy?

  25. Ya gotta love a knit dishcloth. I’ve been doing some on my knitting machine with a crocheted border, but one of my favorite hand-knit dishcloth patterns is Wheatfields. It is so pretty in variegated yarn. Thanks for sharing all these patterns!

  26. Do you have the instructions for the wash cloth (spa cloth) that you start with cast on 2 stitch and then keep increasing on each end?

  27. Hi,

    I apologize for not responding sooner.
    The pattern for the white and purple dishcloth can be found here: Ballband Dishcloth
    Other free patterns from Peaches and Creme can be found here: Patterns

    I hope this helps.

  28. If you click on the second link on this page and read about a fourth of the way down you will find two versions of this cloth. The second version contains the pattern for which you are looking.

  29. Many people find that hand made cloths last long and work better than store bought cloths.

  30. neddlessheldon

    great pattern thanks

  31. i love the grandma’s favorite dishcloth pattern so much that i use some soft worsted weight yarn, a circular needle and keep knitting till it turns into a baby blanket! if you make them in white, you can just crochet a blue or pink border around them when you find out about a new baby. 🙂

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  33. Hi thanks for this many links on your blog. I start with a german blog for dishclotes. http://www.spĂĽ
    I have some patterns translated. Your blog is in my Linklist. :))
    Greetings from germany


  34. Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you like the site.

  35. That sounds pretty!

  36. I am glad you like them. The designers of each of these are amazing and creative. I only provide the links to them.

  37. I am glad you like the links on my blog. Thank you for listing it on your Link list

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  39. I LOVE the purple and white woven pattern that you have pictured in the header of your blog (on right). What is this pattern called and do you have the instructions for how to make this pattern?


  40. just a short note there’s male dishraggers out here.

    this collection is outstanding.

    new at computers tho. still trying to print one out. til then, working off the screen.

    big thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  42. This pattern is typically called the Ballband Pattern because it is most commonly found on the band of a ball of Peaches & Creme worsted wt. cotton yarn. You can find the pattern on the Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing Co. website here: Ballband Dishcloth

    The time it takes to make varies depending on the person. I can usually make one in about two or three hours with some interruptions.

  43. Thanks for your kind words!

  44. Michelle Fauchon

    Does any one have a pattern for the crocheted border on these dishcloths? They all seem to have some sort of edging but no pattern seems to include the edging.
    Can you help?


  45. Thank you so much for the beautiful patterns.I knit all year, and when Christmas comes i have towels and dish cloth to match…Every one loves then. Marie

  46. Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad you like my site.
    Posting links here is my way of giving back to the knitting and crocheting community part of what I have received over the years.

    Have a great week!


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  48. I am trying to find the pattern for the dishtowel that is made out of this same pattern can any of you help me

  49. I’ve made many dishcloths using the “Grandmother’s Favorite” pattern ( as seen on this website: ) I’m looking for a pattern for a hanging kitchen towel and can’t find mine. It starts the same way as the “Grandmother’s Favorite Pattern and then is made into a hanging kitchen towel.
    Does anyone have this pattern????

  50. i would love someone to help me . i wont to make my own dishcloth and facecloths design like tea pot . flowers .but i dont no now to start

  51. Re Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth – – there is a “dish towel” to this pattern too. Does any one have it? Thanks.

  52. I knit the “Grandmother’s Favorite” dishcloth for the first time and discovered that my second half ends up sort of stretched out and not quite square. I suspect it it my K2Tog that is causing the problem. Is there another, tighter way to decrease? Perhaps in the middle of the project rather than at the edges? I am a beginning knitter and am hoping to make a bunch of dishcloths for people for Christmas gifts. This is an easy pattern, but if the finished product doesn’t look neat then I don’t want to use it …


  53. I am looking for a diagonal stitch hanging kitchen towel pattern that is a version of the garter stitch diagonal dish cloth.

  54. You can find a pattern for it on by searching for “diagonal towel”
    If you are not a member of Ravelry, it is free and easy to join.

  55. Hi,

    Sometimes the problem is with the ending of the square. It is something with I still struggle at times.
    My solution is to bind off when there are 3 or 4 stitches left on the needle and then bind off.

  56. Hi,

    Can you use anything other than cotton for the dishcloths? If not, why?
    Thanks. I bought yarn thinking it was cotton and once I opened it I found out that it wasn’t.

  57. Hi Carole
    Response to your request of August 21st.

    A few years ago, I adapted the dishcloth pattern. On the first half I stitch into the back of the 3rd stitch of every row to increase (this is to replace the K2together, Yarn over and K2 together ) for the 2nd half of the dishcloth I knit the 3 and 4th stitches together.

    I like this much better as you don’t get the holes around the edge of the cloths.

    Try it you might like it.


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  59. i am wondering if you can tell me how to knit this pattern without the holes and also make the edges real neat. I use this all the time and love it but would like something a little different. I use to have a pattern for one without the holes and it came out really nice.
    thank you

  60. Hi Nancy,
    See my response above..where it states:
    A few years ago, I adapted the dishcloth pattern. On the first half I stitch into the back of the 3rd stitch of every row to increase (this is to replace the K2together, Yarn over and K2 together ) for the 2nd half of the dishcloth I knit the 3 and 4th stitches together.

    I like this much better as you don’t get the holes around the edge of the cloths.

    Try it you might like it.

  61. Ann Walker

    I am trying to find the correct pattern for a knitted dishcloth that has small holes around the edges. I can get the first half with k2 yo knit rest of row, but when I come to the half way mark and try to follow the directions I have, I am unable to decrease properly and the cloth takes on a really wierd shape. Can someone give me the correct directions? Thanks

  62. i just wanted to thank you for all of the great patterns.

  63. I am looking for a matching hanging dish towel pattern, anyone have any ideas??

  64. Love the basic Grandma’s Dish Cloth, I’ve knitting them like Crazy, I am working to become a follower of this Blog. Thanks for an Awesome Blog.

  65. Great patterns. These remind me so much of my grandma’s house in Quebec.

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  67. Is there a dishcloth with a log cabin on it?

  68. I am looking for the original shaker dishcloth pattern. It was made with hair pin knitting needles.
    If you know this pattern or where I can find it please let me know.

  69. I saw online…can’t remember the actual site, but it was a wash or dish cloth with a imprinted pattern of what looked like the tree of life? Do you have any ideas for this?

  70. I found a free pattern by doing a pattern search for Banyan Tree. If that does not thelp then do a designer search for Margaret MacInnis. Click the tab at the top that says “133 designs” and this will take you a list of all of her designs on Ravelry.

  71. The best I was able to find were a couple of things. Here is a link to a You Tube video:

    You can buy the pattern from here:
    or from
    You can also do a Google search for the pattern.

  72. I LOVE the Grandma’s favorite dishcloth pattern, but I recently saw one with a bit wider boarder. Any suggestions on how to make a wider boarder?

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