Holiday Items

This page contains links to patterns for kitchen and household items related to holidays. Items will be marked to indicated method used in making them: crochet, knitting, tatting, cro-hooking and so on.

BOO! Coasters-( C )

Candy Cane Dishcloth

Candy Cane Blocks Dishcloth-( C )

Candy Cane Lane Dishcloth-( C )

Candy Corn Dishcloth-( C )

Candy Hearts Coaster-( C )

Center of My Heart Dishcloth-( C )

Christmas dishcloth-( C )

Christmas Flower Dishcloth-( C )

Christmas Mug Coasters-( C )

Christmas Pan Holder-( C )

Christmas Star Dishcloth-( C )

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Dishcloth-( C )

Christmas Tree Dishcloth-another one-( C )

Christmas Wreath Coaster-( C )

Cookies for Santa Hot Pad–PDF–2nd Row

Country Heart Dishcloth-( C )

Easter Bunny Dishcloth-( C )

Easter Egg Coaster-( C )

Easter Egg Dishcloth-( C )

Easter Egg Dishcloth-another one-( C )

Festive Rows Dishcloth-( C )

Fancy Heart Dishcloth-( C )

Halloween Ghost Coaster-( C )

Happy Holiday Coasters-( C )

Heart Coaster-( C )

Heart Coaster-( C )-another one

Holiday Coasters-( C )

Ghostly Dishcloth-( K )

Halloween Ghost Coaster-( C )

Happy Holiday Coasters-( C )

Holiday Hexagon Dishcloth-( C )

Holiday Coasters-( C )

Holiday Ruffles Dishcloth-( C )

Holly Squares Dishcloth-( C )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Pumpkin Napkin Rings-( PDF ) -( K )

Merry Christmas Dishcloth 2009-( C )

Pebbly  Pink & White Striped Dishcloth-( C )

Pink Clusters Dishcloth-( C )

Puffy Stuffed Pumpkin-( C )

Pumpkin Coaster-( C )

Rudolph Dishcloth-( C )

Shamrock-( K )

Shamrock Dishcloth-( C )

Shamrock Potholder-( C )

Snow Pines Dishcloth-( C )

Spider Dishcloth ( crochet )

Spider Scrubbie ( crochet )

Sweetheart Dishcloth-( C )

The Curly Purly Pumpkin Pattern-( K )

Valentine Heart Dishcloth

Valentine Ripple Dishcloth-( C )

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