Illusion Knitting Cloths

This page contains cloths made using the technique of Illusion Knitting.

Another site I have found is : Illusion Knits. This is a great introduction to this fascinating knitting technique.  The designer also gives instructions for reading charts. A trip to this site will be well worth your while in my opinion.

Awareness Ribbon Cloth-Breast Cancer

Checkerboard Illusion Cloth

Earth Day-Drops of Water Illusion Face Cloth

Easter Cross Illusion Knit Face Cloth

Eighth Note Illusion Face Cloth Cloth

Follow The Yellow Brick Road Facecloth

Gingham Checks Illusion Facecloth

I Love You With Tear Drop

I Will Remember You Illusion Facecloth

Illusion Candy Cane Cloth

Illusion Paw Print

Pay Day ( cent ) Illusion Cloth

Pay Day ( $ ) Illusion Cloth

Pi Party Illusion Face Cloths

Quilted One Patch Triangle Illusion Face Cloth or Carol’s Cloth

Sunrise Illusion Facecloth

Tears for Poland Illusion Cloth

The Hand I Used To Hold Illusion Facecloth

Vintage Flowers Illusion Face Cloth

Virginia Tech Illusion Cloth

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