Knit Cloths

This page contains links to knitted cloth patterns.


3 Easy Cloths for the Kitchen and Bath

# 9 Cloth

A+Teach–Second row

A Peacock For Tunie-PDF

ABC Blocks

ABC Dishcloth-September 2007 Free Pattern

Airplane Washcloth

Alex’s Cloth

Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern and An Almost Lost Washcloth Tutorial


Alphabet and Numbers 1-8

Alpha Stripe Dishcloth-about 1/2 way down the page-no picture-Pictures here

Alphabet Charts

Alphabet Cloths

Alphabet Graph

Amazing Plaid Dishcloth


A Whale of a Cloth-PDF

An Army of One

Andy the Panda-PDF


Apple Cloth

Apple Cloth 2

Another Apple Cloth

Apple Surprise Dishcloth

Argosy Dishcloth–Web Archive–PDF

Argosy Plain Jane Dishcloth–Web Archive–PDF

Around the Square Free Knitting Pattern


Assorted Cloths-Web Archive–Lily Dishcloth Patterns. page with black background-Some old patterns are here

Aunt May Dishcloth

Australia Cloth

Awareness Ribbon Cloth-Breast Cancer

Awareness Ribbon Illusion Cloth-Breast Cancer

Baby ClothPictures

Baby Face Washcloth

Baby Fan Dishcloth

Baby Feet

Baby Fern Stitch Dishcloth

Baby Joey-PDF

Baby Seahorse Cloth-PDF

Baby Ripples Bib and Cloth-PDF-Cloth after Bib

Baby Seahorse Cloth-PDF

Baby Star

Baby Star with Seed Edge

Baby Washcloth

Baby Wash Cloth

Back To School Cloths from Knitty site-Some are Lacy

Baked With Love

Bamboo Cloth

Bamboo Cloth Variation 1

Bamboo Cloth Variation 2

Bandaged Boo–PDF–Last Row

Barn Dishcloth-June 2008 free Pattern

Basket Rib Dishcloth

Basketweave Knitted Dishcloth

Basic Modular Dishcloth–PDF file–Also available here

Basket-Weave Cloth

Basket Weave Dish Cloth

Bathroom Knit Washcloth

Beach Crab–PDF–Sixth Row

Bee Cloth Squared

Bee My Heart

Belle Cloth-PDF

Beestitch Border Cloth

Beestitch Cloth

Beginner 1×1 Dishcloth

Belinda’s Double Yarnover Facecloth

Bernat Easy Dishcloth– (PDF )

Bernat Garden Leaf Dishcloth-( PDF )

Bernat Mosaic Snowflake-( PDF )

Berries and Shrooms

Berry Basket Dishcloth

Be My Valentine Pattern

Bi Colored Boxes Knit Cloth

Bird–Cardinal or Blue Jay

Blog Cloth


 Cherry Blue Dishcloth

Bobble Washcloth

Bobbles The Sheep

“Boo” Baby Washcloth-PDF

Born To IPOD Cloth

Born To Knit Cloth


Bowties Are Cool

Box of Ornaments

Box Stitch Dishcloth

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur–PDF–6th Row

Breast Cancer Awareness Cloth

Breast Cancer Awareness Washcloth

Breast Cancer Heart

Bridge Over Troubled Water

British Isles Cloth

Broad Stars and Stripes

Broken Rib Washcloth

Bubble Gum Machine

Bubble Wrap Cloth

Bulls-Eye Dishcloth–File that comes up is Steph’s Circles and matches the Photo listed on Ravelry

Bunch of Grapes Dishcloth


Bunny Tracks

Burp Baby Cloth–Picture on the PDF file and here


Button-The pattern is on the last row at the bottom of the page

Cabbage Knitted Dishcloth

Candy Corn Illusion Cloth

Candy Striper Cloth

Can-It-Get-Any-Easier Dishcloth?




Cat Tracks Dishcloth or Washcloth

Charcoal Grill Dishcloth-August 2008 Free Pattern

Charted Patterns

Checkerboard Washcloth

Checkered Dishcloth

Checkered Moss Dishcloth

Checkers Washcloth

Cheepy Chick Cloth-PDF

Cherriest Cherries

Cherry Pie Dishcloth

Chest Covering Bathing Cloths

Chevron Dishcloth


Chinese Waves Dishcloth and PDF

Chinese Waves – Square-or here ( with pic )-same as above

Chinese Waves-Lancashire Square

Choir Singers

Christmas Cloth Pattern

Christmas Ornament-December 2007 Free Pattern

Christmas Star

Christmas Tree

Circular Cloth ( Straight Needles )

Circular Face Cloth With Lace Edging

Clam Shell

Clover Tweed Dishcloth

Collande Dishcloth

Columns Dishcloth-About 2/3 down the page

Columns of Greece

Comedy Mask

Coffee (JAVA) Cup

Coffee Maker

Cottage Squares Dishcloth aka Colorblok Kitchen Cloth

Congrats Grad–PDF–Fifth Row

Cotton Dishcloth-Variation on Grandmother’s Favorite

Cowboy Dishcloth

Cradle My Baby

Crazy Eights Dishcloth

Create A Cloth Pattern

Crest of the Waves Octagonal Facecloth

Crossed Lattice Washcloth

cSe Monogram Dishcloth

Cupcake Dishcloth

Cupcake With Cherry On Top

Curling Rock Cloth

CYT Cloth

Daisy Cloth

Daisy Flower

Dale Earnhardt Cloth

Daquiri Dishcloth

Darrel Waltrip Cloth

Daisy Pattern

Dash Cloth

Dash Stripe Knitted Facecloth

Dashing Dachshund

Deaf Symbol

Desert Beauty

Dewdrop Dishcloth

Diagonal Bee Dishcloth

Diagonal Bee Stitch Cloth

Diagonal Owl

Diagonal Penguin Dishcloth

Diagonal Ribs Dishcloth

Diagonal Squirrel Dishcloth

Diamond Rib Cloth

Diamond Edge Circular Facecloth or here

Diamond Seed Cloth

Diamonds Galore

Dimpled Washcloth

Dinosaur Washcloth-PDF

Dishcloth-from Craftbits—Listed under Knitting Patterns

Dishcloth and Matching Mug Rug

Dishcloth Pattern

Doctor Who Logo Cloth

D’oh Dad Washcloth/Dishcloth

Dog–PDF–8th Row

Dog E. Dog-PDF

Doghouse Dishcloth-March 2008 Free Pattern

Doily Style Dishcloth

Dolly The Dolphin Landlubber

Dolly the Dolphin Seafarer

Donna’s Hooded Towel and Baby Washcloth

Don’t Mess With Texas

Dot’s Fun Cloth–Picture  here

Double Bump Scarf or Dishcloth Pattern

Double Diamomd Circular Facecloth or here

Double Fleck Stitch Dishcloth

Doubly WovenDishcloth

Dougie the Doggie

Dragon Face–Last link on the left side of the page

Dragonfly 2

Dragonfly and His Dinner

Dragonfly Cloth– Page has link pattern

Dragonfly Dishcloth-one more

Dragonfly Dishcloth-another one-PDF file

Drop Everything and KNIT

Drop Stitch Equiangular Polygon Cloth

Earth Day-Drops of Water Illusion Face Cloth

Easter Cross Illusion Knit Face Cloth–Available as a PDF file

Easter Egg

Easter Egg Love

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern

Easy Knit Washcloth-Knitwits

Easy Peasy Dishcloths-2 cloths on the same page at the bottom of the page: Garter St.  & Brioche St.–PDF

Eighth Note Illusion Face Cloth Cloth–PDF

Eighth Notes Illusion Table Runner/Place Mat–PDF


Eleanor the Elephant

Elephant–One more

Elfin Lace

Elvish Leaves Dishcloth

England Cloth

Entra-Fake Dishcloth

Erlenmeyer Flask Dishcloth

Eyelet Border Facecloth

Eyeletless Diagonal Garter Cloth

Eyelets & Ripples Facecloth

Eyelets and Ridges Cloth

Eyelets On The Diagonal-Very large Square

Face/Dish Cloth for Beginners ( Basic )

Fallen Hero–PDF–4th Row

Falling Leaves Knit Dishcloth

Fancy Feathers

Fat Cat Dishcloth

Feather and Fan Dishcloth

Feather and Fan Dishcloth-another version

Feel So Good Dishcloth


Fish Washcloth/Dishcloth

Fisherman Rib Dishcloth–4th row down

Flags In The Breeze Dishcloth

Flecked Dishcloth

Flickering Flames Cloth–Has PDF file–Also picture here

Flower Beds Dishcloth

Flower Buds Cloth

Flower Cloth

Flower Power Washcloth

Flurries Dishcloth

Flying Geese Dishcloth

Flower Buds Cloth

Follow The Yellow Brick Road Facecloth

Folk Guitar

Football Dishcloth

Football Helmet Dishcloth-October 2010 Free Pattern

Foxy Baby-PDF

France Cloth

Fred The Croc-PDF

Free Designer Patterns-About 1/4 way down the page

Friendship Chain Cloth

From My Heart To Yours

Funny Bunny

Garterlac Dishcloth

Garter Stitch Eyelet Facecloth

Garter Stitch Lace Facecloth-or here ( with pic )


Gift of Time-3/4 of the way down this page–Picture here

Gingerbread Man Dishcloth

Gingham Stitch Dishcloth


Give PEACE  A Chance

Give Thanks

Grammy’s Bib and Cloth-PDF

Grid Pattern Dishcloth–8th row down


Grrrr Cloth

Garter Slip Stitch Cloth

Gingham Checks Illusion Facecloth

Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth

Grandmother’s Diagonal Lace Knitting Pattern

Greek Key Cloth

Guide Dog–PDF– Sixth Row

Gull Stitch Dishcloth

Hands And Cogwheel Dishcloth

Happiness Washcloth Pattern– #2 of 3 in “Peace, Love & Happiness Series”

Happy Hunny Bear

Harmonic Mosaic Cloth

Harry Potter Dishcloth

Harry Potter-Golden Snitch Dishcloth


Heartbeat Cloth

Heart Cloth-Mini Cloth

Heart Dishcloth-Left Side of Crochet

Heart in a Pond

Heart Lollipop Dishcloth-February 2008 Free Pattern

Heart Shaped Rosary Cloth-About 1/2 of the way down the page

Hearts For Ruthie-PDF cloth pattern after bib pattern


Here Comes The Sun

Hero Cloth

Hershey Kiss Dishcloth

Hills and Valleys

Hippity Hop  Cloth-PDF

Hob Nail Dish/Wash Cloth–Link to the PDF on the site is not working as of 3-22-2018. There is a PDF file for it here

HO HO….Uh Oh—PDF 3rd Row

Holly Design Dishcloth



Hope/Cure Cancer Cloth

Honeycomb Washcloth

Horizontal Dash Stitch

Horsehoe Pattern Dishcloth

Hot Air Balloon-PDF–8th Row

Hot Diggity Dog

Hugs & Kisses Dishcloth


I Cream Cone Cloth-PDF

Illusion Candy Cane Cloth

I Finally Knit Socks!–PDF-Fifth Row

I Heart To Knit In 2009

I Love You in ASL-( American Sign Language )

I Love You With Tear Drop–About 1/2 way down the page

Illusion Knit Easter Egg Face Cloth-Solid Color Egg-K

Illusion Knit Easter Egg Face Cloth-Striped Egg-K

Illusion Paw Print

Imp Cloth-PDF

I’m A Fan

I’m A Little Crabby-PDF

I’m Loopy

Individual States of the USA

In Bloom

In Thirds Knit Cloth

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

I Will Remember You Illusion Facecloth

Ingrid’s Cloth

Intarsia Insanity

Italian Chained Ribbing Washcloth

It’s a Bat, Man-PDF

It’s Hip2BSquare

Intertwined Dishcloth

Ivy’s Cloth–Purple writing on a black background. I have to left click with my mouse over the writing to see it.

Java Cloth

Jelly Roll Knitted Washcloth

jKn Monogram Dishcloth

Jolly Hat

Jungle Cloth

Jury Duty Mini Cloth #1

Jury Duty Mini Cloth #2


Kate The Cat Cloth

KBB Dishcloth

Key To My Heart

King Charles Brocade–Link is in the term ‘ charted cloth pattern ‘

King Charles Brocade Dishcloth–another one

Kitchen Cotton Dishcloth

Kitty Paws–PDF–Last Row

Kiwi Bird

Knit On Washcloth

Knit To Live

Knitted Dishcloth

Knitted Dishcloth-another  one-a version of Grandmother’s knit cloth

Knitted Dish Cloth With Ridges

Knitted Lacy Round Cloth

Knot More Dishcloth



Kornflake’s Diagonal Pearls Dishcloth

Krissy’s Dish Cloth

Lacy Dragon Large Scale Washcloth

Lacy Dragon Small Scale Washcloth

Lacy Dishcloth

Lacy Knit Dishcloth

Lacy Mock Cable Cloth

Lacy Petals Dishcloth–crocheted

Lacy Picot Swirl Cloth-In 2 sizes

Lacy Rib Dishcloth

Lacy Round Cloth

Lacey Squares Cloth

Large Heart Lace Washcloth

Last Night’s Dishcloth

Lattice Twist Eyelet Cloth

Lattice Washcloth or here—Photo here


Leaf It Up To Me

Leafy Surprise

Leafy Vines–PDF

Lean to the Left–PDF

Lean to the Right–PDF

Learn to Purl Washcloth/Dishcloth

Liberty Bell Dishcloth-July 2008 Free Pattern

Lighthouse Cloth

Lily Knitted Dishcloth

Lily Sugar’n’Cream 2017 Knit Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’nCream American Knit Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Back To Basics Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Basket Dishcloth-(PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Beachball Dishcloth-(PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Beehive Knit Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Be Mine Knit Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Big Kiss Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Bikini Dishcloth, Soft Ecru-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Breakfast Dishcloth Knit Trio, Version 1-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Brick Stitch Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Candy Corn Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Celtic Cables Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Changing Colours Knit Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Christmas Pudding Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Citrus Slice Dishcloth, Lemon-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Diagonal Stitch Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Dippity Doo Dah Knit  Dishcloth, Version 1-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugarcane Double Knit Dishcloth, White-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Entrelac Knit Dishcloth-(PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Flower Basket Dishcloth-(PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Honeycomb Check Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Hostess Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Lucky Charm Knit Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Knit Dishcloth and Basket-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Knittin’ Mittten Knit Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Lighthouse Dishcloth-(PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Melon Slice Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sigar’n’Cream Peary-Nice Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Pineapple Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Popsicle Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Ripple Stitch Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’nCream Scrubbing Stripes Knit Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Simple Ridge and Eyelet Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Spring Tulip Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Striped Star Stitch Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Textured Knit Dishcloth, Indigo-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Tidy Up Knit Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Twist Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Raindrop Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Red White and Blue Dishcloth-( PDF )

Lily Sugar’n’Cream Shell Stitch Dishcloth-( PDF )-It really is knit. πŸ™‚

Little Houses Cloth

Little Tank Engine

Little Tent Dishcloth

Little Tweet-PDF

Little Twisted Rib

Lily of the Valley

Linoleum Dishcloth

Log Cabin Dishcloth

Louie the Lobstah Dishcloth

Love Abounds

Love Cloth–photo here

Love Washcloth Pattern— #2 of 3 in “Peace, Love & Happiness Series”

Love Heart Face Cloth

Loves Many Cloths

Lucky Shamrock–PDF–6th Row

Luv Bug

M & M Washcloth

Mabel the Mock Cable Cow

Mad For Eyelets—Photo here

Mandarin Ribbon Washcloth

Manitoba Cloth

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Dishcloth–November 2008

Marty’s Mouse Washcloth-PDF

Melinda Cloth

Meringue Dishcloth

Mermaid Baby

Merry Christmoose-PDF

Methodist Cross Symbol

Mickey’s Cat-PDF

Mini Almost Lost Washcloth

Mirror Check

Mirrored Triangles Dishcloth

Mistake Rib Washcloth-Knit with KT

Mitered Dishcloth-Knitting on the Net

Miter Square Four Patch Dishcloth

Mock Cable Cloth-scroll down the page about half way

Mom’s Broken Rib Dishcloth

Mom’s Broken Rib Dishcloth Take Two


Monogram & Anniversary Dishcloth

Monogrammed Cloths


Moon and Stars

Moose Cloth

More Beautiful Than Diamonds

Morse Code Cloth

Moss Diamonds Dishcloth Pattern

Moss Ivy Facecloth

Mouse Ears–PDF–6th Row

Mountains out of Moleholes

Multidirectional Diagonal Dishcloth

Mushroom Land

Music Notes Cloth

My Blanket and Me

“My First Knit” Dishcloth/Washcloth

My Knotty Little Dishcloth

My Striped Washcloth

New Brunswick Cloth

New Zealand

Nina’s Seed Stitch Surprise

Nine-o-Hearts knitted Cloth–photo here


No Place Like Home Knit Dishcloth

Nova Scotia ( Canada ) Cloth

Numbers–0 to 9

Nurse’s Hat–PDF–5th Row

NYD ’05 Dishcloth Pattern

Oak Leaf Cloth

Octagonal Cloth

Odd-Ball Sampler Afghan: Making Squares Into Cushion covers & Washcloths

Ohio State University Dishcloth

Om Dishcloth

Om with a twist

One Fat Cat-PDF

One Piece Swim Suit

Ontario Cloth

Open Hearts

Open Star Dishcloth

Opening Hour Washcloth

Optical Illusion Dishcloth

Organic Dishcloth Pattern-Days of the Week

Organic Dishcloth Pattern-4th of July

Original Daffodil Cloth

Ostrich Plume Dishcloth

Packer Cloth

Palms Up For Vacations

Palm Tree–PDF–Last Row

Palm Tree

Pamper Yourself Spa Cloth— Photo here

Patchwork Dishcloth

Patriotic and clean

Paw Dishcloth

Paw Print Cloth

Pay Day ( cent ) Illusion Cloth

Pay Day ( $ ) Illusion Cloth

Peace Washcloth Pattern– #1 of 3 in “Peace, Love & Happiness Series”

Peanut Cloth-PDF–Listed on the right under Updated Cloth Patterns

Pear Cloth

Pebble Stitch Cloth

Peekaboo Dishcloth

Pegasus Dishcloth

Penquin Washcloth-PDF

Penguin Dishcloth–Another one

Petal Dishcloth

Petite French Farmhouse Dishcloth Pattern No. 1

Pharmacy Cloth

Pi Day Face Cloth

Pi  Openwork Dishcloth

Pi Party Illusion Face Cloths

Picot Swirl Cloth-In 2 sizes


Pink Dishcloth

Pinwheel Dishcloth

Playful Kitten

Playful Plaid Cloth


Pokeball Dishcloth

Polar Bear Cloth-PDF

Police Man Cap

Polka Dot Dishcloth


Praying Hands Cloth or here

Presbyterian Church Symbol Dishcloth

Pretty Diamond Cloth

Pretty Frill Cloth

Pretty Paws Cotton Dishcloth-( PDF )

Prince Edward Island Cloth

Princess Crown

Pterodactyl Dinosaur–PDF–5th Row

Puddles Cloth-PDF

Puffy Cloth

Pumpkin Jack-PDF

Pumpkin Washcloth

Purled Ladder Cloth

Purple Hearts Version One

Purple Hearts Version Two

Puzzle Piece

Quacking Up! Cloth-and here– PDF

Quilted Diamonds Cloth

Quilted One Patch Triangle Illusion Face Cloth or Carol’s Cloth

Raised Triangles


Reindeer–PDF–3rd Row

Reversable Triangles

Reversible 4 Corner Heart Dishcloth

Reversible Baby Cable Washcloth

Reversible Diamond Dishcloth

Reversible Diamond Patterned Dishcloth

Reversible Lozenge

Reversible Shamrock

Rhyming Cat In A Top Hat

Ribbons of Sunshine Cloth-3rd Row from the top

Ribbed Washcloth

Riblets Galore

Ridge Stitch Cloth

Right Angles Dishcloth

Ripple Washcloth

Rocking Chair Cloth

Rodney the Rooster–Photo here

Roman Stitch Washcloth

Roman Stripe Knitted FaceclothRose Dishcloth

Rose Facecloth and Bath Puff

Rose Trellis Ensemble

Round Dishcloth

Roy Halladay Cloth # 32

Rubber Ducky

Rudy Cloth

Ruggles Not quite Authentic Turkish Bath Scrub Cloth

Ruggles Thick’n’ Ribby Oversized Washcloth

Sailboat Cloth

Sanquar Check Washcloth

Scales Of Justice Cloth

Schoolhouse Dishcloth-September 2008 Free Pattern

Science Lab Dishcloth

Scottie Dishcloth

Scottie Dishcloth V2

Scrap Yarn Dishcloth

Scrubber Dishcloth


Seed Pearl Grid Dishcloth

Seedy Ribby Checked Cloth

Sewing Machine Dishcloth


Shamrock Bobble Dishcloth

Shamrock Cloth– ( K )

Shamrock Lace


Sharon’s Wavy Dishcloth

Shell We Knit

Shelly’s Heart Dishcloth

Shooting Star

Shooting Star–PDF–5th Row–another one

Short Row Rectangular Wash Rag–Photo here

Sim’s Snowboarder

Skull and Crossbones Cloth–photo here

Skull and Crossbones Lace

Skully Dishcloth

Slide Step Rib Cloth

Slip Stitch Dishcloth

Slipped Basket Stitch Cloth

Slipped Rib Bib and Cloth-PDF

Slippery Zig Zag Cloth

Slot Machine Dishcloth


Smiley Face Cloth-Mini

Smocked Cloth

Snowbaby Washcloth-PDF

Snowdrop Lace Facecloth


Snowflake Dishcloth

Snowman Dishcloth

Snowman–PDF–3rd Row

Soft and Fluffy Dishcloth

Something’s Fishy Bib and Cloth-PDF-cloth is after bib pattern

Songbird Dishcloth–2nd pattern from the left-PDF

So, Sew Dishcloth

Split Crescents For March

Spring Buds Facecloth

Spring Butterflies Dishcloth

Spring Dishcloths

Spring Flower Motiff

Sprinkles Lace

Square Dishcloth

Square In Square Dishcloth

Squares Cloth

Squiggles The Pig

Staggered Stripes Wash/Face Cloth

Stamen Stripe Knitted Facecloth

Star-July 2007 Free Pattern


Star Cloth–Photo here

Star-–From—second pattern down


Starfish–Another one

Starfish–One more

Star Of David

Stegosaurus Dinosaur–PDF–5th Row

Stepped Ridge Dishcloth

Stocking Dishcloth


Strawberry Means Summer

Striped Washcloth–more than halfway down the page

Studley ClothPDF

Sue’s Easy Knit Dishcloth


Sun-August 2007 Free Pattern

Sunrise Illusion Facecloth

Sunshine Dishcloth

Sunshine Makes Me Happy


Sweet Somethings

T Rex Dinosaur–PDF-5th Row

Take A Break Dishcloth

Take A Gander-PDF



Teacup Cloth

Tears for Poland Illusion Cloth

Ted E. BearPDF

Tennessee Vols Dishcloth

Terrific Dishcloth to Knit-about 1/4 of the way down page

Texas Longhorn Dishcloth

The Blog Cloth Pattern

The Christian Fish Symbol

The Christmas Star

The Church

The Circle Of Love Mini Cloth

The Cotton Dishcloth ( Once Removed or Dressed Up )

The Eagle Has Landed-PDF

The Empty Tomb

The Hand I Used To Hold Illusion Facecloth

The Hive Knit Dishcloth

The Meadow

The Nine Patch Dishrag

The Parish Hall

The Purse

The Raven

The Santa Cloth

The Shamrock

This Bear’s RepeatingPDF

Three Angels–PDF–Second Row

Three Crosses Cloth

Three Degrees of Separation

Three and One Checked

Tie The KNOT


Tiny Cables Washcloth-or- here ( no picture) or here-Photo here

Tractor-( K )

Traditional Dishcloth Variation

Tragedy and Comic Masks

Tragedy Mask


Tree Frog

Triforce Knitted Dishcloth

Trucking Along Washcloth

True Blue Puppy Love

Tulip Bud Garter Dishcloth

Tumbling Moss Blocks Washcloth–( With Chart )

Tunie Fish-PDF

Tunnel Lace Cloth

Turkey Cloth ( aka Gary the Gobbler )–no photo found

Turtle Cloth

Tweed Stitch ( 1 color ) Dishcloth

Tweed Stitch ( 2  color ) Dishcloth

Twist and Scrub

Twist To The Left, Twist To The Right-Short Version

Two-Way Dishcloth–The page has a link to the PDF file

Triangles Cloth

Triangles Galore

Troy Glaus #25 Cloth

Twisted Texture Cloth

Twisted Trails— Link to the PDF chart is the last pattern on right side of page

Unbelievable Dishcloth

Unicorn Cloth-PDF

Unique Basketweave Washcloth-option for PDF file

Un-Named Lacy Pattern-About 1/4 of the way down the page-This site contains some history of knitting on it in case you are interested.

Un-Smelly Skunk

Up , Up and Away Dishcloth

Up The Stairs Dishcloth

USA Cloth

USA Star–PDF–5th Row

USMC Emblem

Vernon Wells Cloth # 10

Very Easy Textured Dishcloth

Vintage Hankie Washcloth and A fix for Vintage Hankie Washcloth

Virginia Tech Illusion Cloth

Vintage Flowers Illusion Face Cloth

Waffle Cloth

Waffle Cloth Interrupted

Waffle Knit Dishcloth

Waffle Weave Dish Cloth and here with picture

Waffle Stitch Wash Cloth

Washcloth #1

Washcloth #2

Washcloth #3

Washcloth #4

Watermelon Slice Dishcloth

Wave Pool Dishcloth

Waves Of Grain

Wavy Blocks Knitted Facecloth

Wedding Bands Dishcloth

Wedding Dishcloth W/Names

Wee Lace Cloth-Mini

Wheatfields Dishcloth

Whoo Loves Ya, Baby ?-Link to the PDF file is on the right hand side of the page listed under Updated Cloth Patterns

Windowpane Dishcloth Pattern-about 3/4 down the page-Picture here

Windows Of Heaven

Winter Icicles Dishcloth

Winter Snowflake


Woozy Cloth

Woven Dishcloth

Woven Seed Stitch Cloth–Photo here

Wrapper Cloth–Photo here

Yarn Girl Washcloth

Yarn Ho Washcloth

Yarn Over Cable

Yin Yang Kitty Cloth-Version 1

Yin Yang KittyCloth-Version 2

You’re An  Angel

Yvonne’s Double Flower Cloth

Zebra Chevron Washcloth

Zig Zag Jacquard–Has a link to the PDF chart in the first sentence of the description of the dishcloth

ZigZag Lace Facecloth–or here or here

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  1. Wow, this is fantastic! Thanks for all the links from another washcloth addict.


  2. Thank you so much, I had googled, and clicked everything on knittingpatterncentral, because I thought I had bookmarked the baby feet pattern.
    Thank you so much!


  3. Thanks so much for putting these all together! I was wondering if you could tell me which pattern the beige and purple one is at the top of the page πŸ™‚ appears to be a variation on Grandma’s πŸ™‚ Thanks!


  4. The link to the Two Way Dishcloth is wrong. It is;

    Click to access two-way_dishcloth.pdf

    You linked to the Domino cloth twice by mistake.


  5. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. πŸ™‚ The link has been corrected.


  6. aloha, I just wanted to thank you so much for the patterns.. I have a new grandson and I wanted to make some washcloths for him.. and your site is the best.. My sister loves palm trees. I have made two of them.. thats her christmas present.. Thanks so much.. I just love them. Its my first time doing somthing like this in knitting.. and I love it.. thanks thanks thanks.. have a great day.. Blossom


  7. Thank you for your compliments on the site. I am glad you are enjoying the patterns listed there.


  8. Suzi williams

    Thank goodness for your site. I just had an 11 yr old and her mother request my help with knitting a round dish cloth. I told them sure


  9. Hi,
    I am glad you enjoy my site and find it useful. πŸ™‚
    Please forgive my slowness to respond. In addition to being the Mom of a teenager, I work outside the home full time. This means that a lot of time email time gets squeezed in between other activities.


  10. newknitter

    I see comments about a palm tree washcloth, but must be overlooking it….what is it called? SOOOO, glad I found this!!!


  11. It was not the easiest link to find from the Knit Cloths page. It is listed on the Plant Cloths page.
    You can go directly to it here:
    It is the fourth pattern down on the right. Click on it and you will be directed to choose a program to use to download a copy of the pattern.
    I hope this answers your question.


  12. you are the woman.(i think. you are a woman, if you’re not…you da man!)


  13. Thanks for the compliment!!


  14. Thank you so much for the alphabet cloths, it was time for me to do another round of dishclothes as Christmas gifts, now I can do something different. The pattern is so simple to do I can do them at work in between customers. I use a circular needle at work, it takes up less space and I don’t have to worry about dropping or losing one.


  15. Thanks for linking to my dc pattern! πŸ™‚


  16. still looking for the mother to be dish cloth, i can not locate the pattern here,,,,,,,,,,,, would love to have it by next week as my daughter is ready to deliver her little one,,,,,,,,,, being a new grandma , and would love something in that order, or any other ideas for baby dish or warsh cloths.


  17. I have done a search on Google of my files and cannot find it. This bothers me because I am sure there is one out there.
    I will keep looking for it when time allows.
    If you belong to an email knitting related group you might try asking there because at the moment I am stumped.
    For ideas for baby dish or wash cloths you might look at some of the sites listed on this page:
    Good Luck


  18. Thanks for the collection of dish/wash cloth pattern.


  19. You are welcome. I am glad you like it.


  20. Howdy,

    Just wanted to update the link to “Planned Purlhood – The Dishcloth”, I’ve created a new domain for PP. The new link is



  21. Thank you for adding my patterns onto your list..I appreciate it more than words can say! Can’t wait to see all the others you have up there, as well!
    Thank you thank you!


  22. I am still looking for a dishcloth with a sea shell on it. It looks to me like it would be easy for an expert. I have tried; but I end up in a muddle. I am enjoying the patterns you have presented. Thanks.


  23. Thanks always for the link to my BLOG! I really appreciate it as I receive lots of hits from this terrific blog.

    I did have a question, an odd one maybe… how does one design those dishcloths with the knit and purl sts that makes a design in the middle? Can you use a chart. I mean draw it ahead of time? Or do you have to sit there and create them stitch by stitch? Dumb question maybe, because the people who design them have much more knowledge on the subject than I. I just would love to be able to draw a design ahead and then learn how to figure out what stitch is knit and what is purl. =)



  24. Would you please tell me what the name of the pattern is for the dishcloth at the top of this website (purple and white weaved). Thank you!


  25. The purple and white dishcloth is made from the Ballband pattern. The original pattern is from the Elmore-Pisgah site.
    It can also be found in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. You can also find it on the paper wrapper of a cone or ball of Peaches & Creme 100% cotton yarn.


  26. looking for knitted washcloth with ropes and ladders pattern…olly


  27. Arlene Carducci

    I LOVE this site. I cant Knit fast enough for all the beautiful things i see. I wish I was a better Knitter. I am having problems with two sided knit patterns. The squares seem to confuse me sometimes, but then again at 61 it isnt hard. Being Rheumatoid I find this is also great therapy when i cant do other things. Thank you for letting me look at this wonderful site.
    Arlene Carducci
    Conneaut, Ohio


  28. Hi,

    Please forgive me for not replying sooner. Life has been a bit more busy than usual and there has not been computer time.
    Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad you like the site. Being able to knit with Rheumatoid arthritis is quite an accomplishment in my book.
    You are also brave to knit two sided patterns. It has been years since I have done it.

    Have a great day!


  29. I’m looking for a pattern with a sea or conch shell pattern for cotton wash cloths. Can anyone please help. I’m really addicted to making them & would like to do a nautical theme. Thank you.


  30. I am trying to find some help on how to do the ballband dishcloth. I am a novice knitter and know how to do knit/purl but not sure how to bring the second color in the project or what I should do with it when I need to knit/purl the primary color. Can anyone help me out? I appreciate it. Thanks.


  31. These are all really great. Thanks!


  32. Hi there,
    Do you know if purple duckie and rainyk change their sites?
    There url isn’t coming up.

    thank you,


  33. Hello,
    Love this site! Do you know of any hockey or lacrosse patterns free or for a fee? Thanks! Kelly


  34. this is so excellent i have managed to find patterns to do each day of the week for the grandbabes


  35. Hi! I wanted to add a face cloth pattern to your list. I’ve used so many of the patterns that I wanted to contribute to the fun. I designed a face cloth for Pi Day: 3/14. I used the Illusion/Shadow knitting method. Hope you enjoy it. Here’s the link: Have fun with it!


  36. Hi,
    I like the design that you use on the right in your header. Is there an actual pattern for this?

    thank you!


  37. Frances Keith



  38. I don’t know how I found your site but I just bookmarked it because this article was awesome. Thanks!


  39. This is fantastic. I actually took time out from my knitting to search for patterns and stumbled across this site. Love it! I am relatively new at knitting, but enjoy it so much. Thanks again!




  41. Hi,

    I am glad you like my site.
    The links here go to sites of other people. The patterns belong to the original designer and not to me.


  42. It is the Ball band cloth located at the Peaches and Creme website.
    You can find the link for it on the Kitchen, Bed and Bath Patterns Page of the site


  43. Thank you. I am glad you like my site.



  44. Thank you for your kind words. I am afraid I cannot help you since it is not a pattern I wrote. I do see that the designer’s email address is listed on the pattern page. My suggestion is that you write her or him directly for help. Good Luck!



  45. Kathie Bartlett

    Can you tell me the name of the pattern on the homepage of your website that is on the right-hand side…the offwhite/purple pattern? Thanks so much!


  46. The pattern for the dishcloth on the top of the page is the
    Ballband Cloth found on the site of the Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing Company:
    It is the fourth pattern from the top


  47. I do not knit dish cloths , but i find this a wonderful collection of patterns and fun ideas THANK YOU for this fantastic site


  48. Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate them. I am glad you like my site.


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