Lacy Cloths-Knit

This page contains links to patterns for knit  lacy cloths.

A Free Washcloth Pattern

All Around Lace Cloth

Assorted Cloths-Lily Dishcloth Patterns. page with black background

Baby Fern Stitch Dishcloth

Back To School from Knitty

Belinda’s Double Yarnover Facecloth

Bonbons et Calisson’s Dishcloth

Cat Tracks Dishcloth or Washcloth


Circular Facecloth With Lace Edging

Collande Dishcloth

Country Lace Washcloth

Dayflower Cloth

Dewdrop Dishcloth

Dewdrop Inn Dishcloth

Diamond Drop Lace Dishcloth or here

Diamond Edge Circular Facecloth

Diamond Lace Cloth

Diamond Rib Cloth

Dishcloth-from Craftbits

Dishcloth-Tulip Bud

Doily Style Dishcloth

Double Diamond Circular Facecloth

Drop Everything and KNIT

Elfin Lace

Elvish Leaves Dishcloth

Eyelet Border Facecloth

Fancy Feathers

Farmington Hills Lace Cloth

Feather and Fan Dishcloth

Feather and Fan Dishcloth-another version

Flickering Flames Cloth

Flower Buds Cloth

Flurries Dishcloth

Fountain Lace Cloth

Garter Stitch Eyelet Washcloth

Garter Stitch Eyelet Facecloth-variation on the two surrounding cloths

Garter Stitch Lace Facecloth-or here ( with pic )

Hands And Cogwheel Dishcloth

Heart Lace Cloth

Holly Design Dishcloth

Horsehoe Pattern Dishcloth

I’m A Fan

I’m Loopy

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Knitted Lace Column-part of the way down the page

Knitted Lacy Round Cloth

Krissy’s Dish Cloth-2nd from the top

Lacey 4 Leaf Clover

Lacey Butterfly

Lacy Dishcloth

Lacy Dragon Large Scale Washcloth

Lacy Dragon Small Scale Washcloth

Lacy Granny Dishcloth

Lacy Knit Dishcloth

Lacy Mock Cable Cloth

Lacy Petals Dishcloth

Lacy Picot Swirl Cloth-In 2 sizes

Lacy Rib Dishcloth

Lacey Squares Cloth

Lattice Twist Eyelet Cloth

Leaf It Up To Me

Leafy Vines

Lean to the Left

Lean to the Right

Lily Knitted Dishcloth

Little Fountain Dishcloth-second pattern down

Little Shells Dishcloth-first pattern

Mandarin Ribbon Washcloth

Mad For Eyelets

Meringue Dishcloth

Octagonal Swirl Cloth

Open Star Dishcloth

Opening Hour Washcloth

Ostrich Plume Dishcloth

Parallelograms-Left Slanting

Parallelograms-Right Slanting

Petal Dishcloth

Pi Openwork Dishcloth

Pretty Paws Cotton Dishcloth-( PDF )

Quest Dish Cloth

Shamrock Lace

Sharon’s Eyelet Facecloth

Shell We Knit

Short Row Rectangular Wash Rag

Skull and Crossbones Lace

Small Arrow Cloth

Snowdrop Lace Facecloth

Snowflake Star

Spring Flower Motiff

Sprinkles Lace

Squares Cloth

Terrific Dishcloth To Knit-Third cloth down

The Cotton Dishcloth ( Once Removed or Dressed Up )

Travelling Vine Cloth

Triangles Cloth

Twin Leaf Lace Cloth

Twisted Texture Cloth

Two Lacy Patterns From Wool Works

Unbelievable Dishcloth

Un-Named Knitted Dishcloth

Un-Named Lacy Pattern-About 1/4 of the way down the page

Vine Lace Cloth

Waves Of Grain

Wee Lace Cloth-Mini

Windows Of Heaven

Yarn Over Cable

Zig Zag Lace Faceclothaka- ZigZag Lace Facecloth

3 responses to “Lacy Cloths-Knit

  1. the picture for terrific dishcloth is wrong. Do you have a corrected picture?

  2. Love the round lacy cloth!

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