Links Added

I have added several links to the side bar. Most of them have stories surrounding them. I will talk about a couple of them now.

The first one is the link to the Mason Dixon Site. I added this site because the Mason Dixon Book has two patterns specifically called dish or wash cloths. In the months since the book has been published readers have adapted some of the other patterns in the book to the same. The KAL associated with the original Blog is full of information and ideas about the patterns included in the book.

Calming Seas is a very special web site that currently concentrates on offering crochet patterns. Even if you don’t crochet I encourage to read the story of the origin of the site. It will give you some insight regarding the history of free patterns on the internet.

I have chosen to include some web sites on the side bar that are not spcifically related to dish or wash cloths. You will find them listed under Favorite Blogs and Favorite Sites. I did this because it is my opinion that they are worth reading and might provide creative inspiration to the reader.

One response to “Links Added

  1. nice site. lots of wonderful work! Can you recommend where to go to learn how to knit letters on dishcloths? I have knit many cloths. My daughter wants a cloth that says I LUV the JONAS BROTHERS. I was thinking stockinette for background and knit stitches for the letters?? I don’t know where to start looking for help in writing up the pattern. You have so much experience here I thought maybe you could offer some advise. Thank you so much. Sandra in northern wisconsin


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