Loom Knitting

This page contains links to loomed patterns. Since it is a work in progress there may be changes to it as it develops.

4-22-20: I am posting links to all loom knit patterns on this page. If there are patterns that can be cross referenced to other pages, they will be placed there also.


Resources From Good Knit Kisses

The Loom Room


All-Over Seed Dishcloth–( Third pattern on this page )

Basic Coasters–( Using Garter Stitch )-Second pattern on this page

Basic Dishcloth–( Using Garter Stitch )-First pattern on the page

Bunnies in Love Dishcloth-First pattern on left-Dated April 21st

Heart Dishcloth

Kitchen Set

Leaping Dolphin

Lion Face

Loom Knit Dewdrop Washcloth–( With Chart )

Loom Knit Easy Life Placemat

Loom Knit Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth

Loom Knit Scrubby

Monkey Face

Paw Print Cloth

Seed Border Dishcloth-( Second pattern on this page)

Seed Coasters-( Fourth pattern on this page )

Seed  Dishcloth–( First pattern on this page )

Swelling Hearts Cloth

Tumbling Moss Blocks Washcloth–( With Chart )

Woven Hot Pads

5 responses to “Loom Knitting

  1. Monica Chakerian

    Thank you for so many great ideas!


  2. LOVE IT!!!!


  3. I like all. Your knit I want to know your loom,knitting,am from nigeria,I like to make bags,I want to learn more,thank you.


  4. Do you have any washclothso and Dishcloths you can make on the loom?? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


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