Mop Covers

This page contains patterns for crochet, knit or loomed mop covers.

Mop Covers-Crochet

Keeping My Promise

Swiffer Dry Mop Cover and Dust Mitt

Mop Covers-Knit

Ballband Dishcloth Reusable Swiffer Cover

Ballband Mop Cover

MD Swiffer Mop Cover

Mop Cover-This one is not a square

Reversable Clorox Ready Mop Cover

Simple Wet/Dry Mop Cover


The Swiffer Cover

2 responses to “Mop Covers

  1. Do you have any simple patterns for pot scrubbies? These are great patterns on your site.


  2. If you don’t find links you that meet your needs, you might find some listed at


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