National Cloths

This page contains links to patters for national cloths, including patterns for states and provinces of countries when available.

Naional Cloths-Crochet

Stars and Stripes Dishcloth

Star Spangled Crochet Dishcloth

US Flag Dishcloth or Potholder

National Cloths-Knit

An Army of One

Australia Cloth

Broad Stars and Stripes

British Isles Cloth

Continental USA Cloth

Eiffel Tower Cloth

England Cloth

France Cloth

Individual States of the USA

Manitoba Cloth

New Brunswick Cloth

New Zealand

Nova Scotia ( Canada ) Cloth

Ontario Cloth

Prince Edward Island Cloth

Shooting Star

Shooting Star–PDF–5th Row

Star Spangled Illusion Place Mat–PDF

Tears for Poland Illusion Cloth

USA Cloth

USA Star–PDF–5th Row

USMC Emblem


10 responses to “National Cloths

  1. I have seen a dishcloth with a cross centered in it. I don’t know if it was knit or crocheted. Do you have that pattern?
    thank you.
    Joan Bundt
    P.S. thank you for sharing all these patterns!!!


  2. I want to Thank You for sharing your hard work. I am looking for a dish/wash cloth of Ireland and Scotland. Is it possible that you have these patterns. Thanks again. Sarah


  3. Do you by any chance have a dishcloth pattern for Kokopelli?
    Many thanks.


  4. do you still share the states knitted dishcloth patterns?


  5. Those were originally found on this site:
    According to they can possibly be found here:

    I will be adding links to patterns on the archived site as time allows in the next several weeks.


  6. If you do a pattern search for it on you might find what you want.


  7. no pattern for Kokopelli anywhere that I can find. Thx for trying to help.
    ‘I did find your states patterns…super…thanks again.


  8. You are welcome for my attempt to help.
    I am glad you found the state patterns.


  9. I see some of the links are no longer active. Is there a chance that you will be able to repair this? Thanks.


  10. I am working on updating the site and will get to that page as soon as I can. I will keep you posted.


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