Potholders, Hotpads & Oven Mitts

This page contains links to potholders, hotpads  and oven mitts using a variety of techniques.

Warning: Be sure to use heat resistant materials in the making of these items and to make sure the resulting fabric is dense enough to provide adequate protection when exposed to heat.  Make and use these items at your own discretion. They have not been tested by the owner of this site.

10 Point Hot Pad

A Slice of Summer Potholders-( C )

Amy’s Potholder-( C )

Apple Potholder– ( C )

Apple Trivet-( C )

Awareness Ribbon Hotpad/Potholder— (K)–For Breast Cancer and Gynecological  Awareness

Banana Bunch Potholder-( C )

Basic Potholder Pattern-( C )

Bead Stitch Hotpad-( C )

Bell Potholder-( C )

Big Girl Hot Pad/Pot Holder-( C )

Bluebird Potholder-( C )

Bowl of Peaches Potholder-( C )

Bumble Bee Potholder-( C )

Butterfly Potholder-( C )

Camille Rose Vintage Potholder-( C )

Casserole Dish Holder-( C )

Cat Potholder-another one-( C )

Cathedral Window Potholder-( C )

Checkerboard Potholder– ( C )

Checkerboard Potholder-( C )-a different one

Christmas Ball Potholder-( C )

Christmas Checkered Hot Pads– ( C )

Christmas Hotpad-( C )

Christmas Lid Grabber-( C )

Christmas Tree Potholder-( C )

Christmas Tree Potholder-( C )-another version

Chinese Waves Potholder-Round-( K  )

Circle Potholder-( C )

Circles Potholder-( C )

Cluster Flower Potholder-( C )

Clusters Pizza Pad-( C )

Cock-A-Doodle Rooster-( C )

CroBear’s Potholder-( C )

Crochet Bear Paw Potholder

Crochet Flower Hotpad

Crochet Potholder-( C  )

Country Love Potholder-( C )

Crossbar Potholder

Curled T-Yarn Trivet Hotpad– ( C )

Cyndi’s Favorite-( C )

Daisy Potholder-( C)

Diamond Potholder-( C )

Double Diamond Potholder-( C )

Double Wheels-( C )

Double-Thick Diagonal Hot Pad-( C )

Elegant in White Hotpad-( C )

Fanciful Flowers Potholders-( C )

Favorite Crocheted Hot Pads-( C ) *

Five Sided Granny Potholder-( C )

Flower Pot  Potholder-( C )

Forget-Me-Not Potholder-( C )

Free Americana Pot Holder-( K )

Free Checkered Pot Holder– ( K )

Freshly Baked Potholder-( C )

Fruit Slice Potholder-( C )

Four Square Crochet Potholder-( C )

Gehaekelte Topflappen-( C )

Granny Potholder-( C )

Grape Cluster Potholder-( C)

Gumdrop Potholder and Dishcloth ( C )

Handle Potholder-( C )

Heart Potholder-( C )

Heart Hot Pad-( C )

Heart Shaped Potholder-( C )

Hexagon Potholder-( C )

Horseshoe Potholder-( C )

Hotpad-( C )

Hot Pad

Hot Pad Square-( C )

Hot Spot Potholder-( C )

Jewel Heptagonal Potholder-( C )

JPFun  Pot Holder-( C )

Julie’s Potholder-( K )

Lantern Potholder-( C )

Lid Grabber Hat-( C )

Log Cabin Potholder ( C )

Ma, Pa, and Baby Potholders-( C )-also here

Maple Leaf Hot Pad-( C )

Marryanne’s Potholder Pattern-( C )

My Favourite Potholder-( C )

Old Fashioned Potholders-( C )

Old Style Potholder-( C )

Old Timey Potholders aka Vintage Climbing Trellis Potholders–( C )

Omak’s Amazing Grid Hotpad-( C )

Oven Mitt 1- ( C )

Oven Mitt 2-( C )

Owl Potholder-( K )

Picture Frame Potholder-( C )

Pinwheel Potholder-( C )

Pinwheel Potholder-( C )-a different one

Poinsettia Flower Hot Pad-( C )

Pocket Pot Holder-( C )

Popcorn Hot Pad-( C )

Potholders-(C )

Pot Lid Grabber Hat-( C )

Potholder Cover-( C )

Pumpkin Hot Pad-( C )

Queen Anne’s Lace Vintage Potholder-( C )

Quick Knit Potholder-pdf format

Raised Rose Potholder-( C )

Red and Yellow Potholder-( C )

Red and White Potholder-( C )

Reversible Hot Pad

Ric Rac Potholder-( C )

Ripple Potholder-( C )

Rose Granny Potholder-( C )

Rose Ripple Potholder Pattern-( C )

Round Rose Potholder-( C )

Salt & Pepper Potholder-( C )

Santa Hot Pad-( C )

Scallop Potholder-( C )

Shaded Browns dishcloth and matching Potholders-( C )

Ship Shape Potholders-( C )

Skulls and Aliens-( K )

Smile! Potholder-( C )

Snowflake Potholder-( C )

Square Potholder-( C )

Star Potholder-( C )

Strawberry Potholder-( C )

Strawflower Potholder-( C )

Striped Circle Potholder-( C )

Striped Square 1 Potholder-( C )

Striped Square 2 Potholder-( C )

Sunbonnet Potholder-( C )

Super Quick Potholder-( C )

Table Mat-( C )

Teacup Potholder-( C )

The Best Crocheted Potholder-( C ) *

Tick-Tock Clock Potholder-( C )-a little less than 1/4 down the page

Tied Up With Bows Potholder

Toy Potholders-( C )-two types

Tulip Potholder-( C )

Tutorial-Yellow Checkered Potholders-( C )*

T-Yarn Pot Handle Cover-( C )

Ultra Thick Potholder-( C )

Variegated Circle Potholder-( C )

Vintage Bloomers Potholder-( C )

Vintage Daisy Potholder-( C )

Waistcoat Stitch Potholder-( C )

Wall Pocket Potholder-( C )

Water Pitcher Potholder-( C )

Wiggly Hot Mat-( C )

Woven Hot Pads-( L )

Wrought Iron Rooster Potholder Set-( C )





19 responses to “Potholders, Hotpads & Oven Mitts

  1. Hi! I found one missing from your list 🙂
    Relief Stitch Tree Potholder, crocheted


  2. Hi,

    You are fantastic!
    Thank you for sharing this link with me! You are right, this is one missing from my list. I will add it today. It is one I have never seen before and is not even in my file of items to add my blog. I took a while to explore the rest of the site and found some interesting information.

    Thanks again for bringing this to my attention. 🙂


  3. DiamondGirl88

    Thank you so much for creating this site, and so generously sharing so many great patterns! Who needs to buy books anymore? (But I still do!)


  4. You are welcome. I enjoy doing the research to find them.


  5. Love! Love! your potholder site! Thanks for taking the time to share all these cute patterns. I enjoyed the pop up too that showed me what the pattern looks like before having to go there. Thanks again…WL


  6. hehe hot pad heaven for hot pad lovers for sure!!!


  7. Hi,

    Please forgive me for not replying to your not sooner. Life has been a bit crazy in my part of the world.

    thank you for your kind words about my site. I am glad you like it.

    Have a great day!


  8. Jerri Larsen

    I am trying to do the wiggle stitch on a watermelon hotpad, but just can’t seem to get it figured out… are there some directions or pictures somewhere?
    Thank you


  9. I see you have a rooster potholder–however it is crocheted and I don’t crochet. Do you have the knit version? If so I would appreciate it very very much. Thanks for such a great site.


  10. do you have a pattern I can use in the microwave?

    a friend said place the pad in the microwave and when the dish is too hot you can use the pad to pick up the dish

    thanks for any help


  11. I would not place any hot pad or dishcloth in the microwave with a dish on top of it. The pad itself will get hot and could cause burning or otherwise be a safety hazard. This is a real safety issue, in my opinion.
    If you are wanting to use a pad to get an item out of the microwave, then use one that is made from cotton.
    Please be careful.


  12. nice collection of potholders and things i did the panties one and turned out really well would like to find a panties dishcloth to go with it if anyone know where i can find one please let me know thanks so much


  13. Hi. I have been looking for a pattern that is listed here..But unfortunately it no longer works…( pants/panties potholders) Would anybody know where I can find this pattern?????????? They shut down AOL Hometown and that’s where the pattern was. I would appreciate any help! Thanks


  14. I have also been trying to find the pattern for the pants/panties potholders but have not had any luck. It’s the first project shown to me many years ago when I first started crocheting and would love to do them again. Please help. thank you.


  15. I found a link to it on Crochet Pattern Central’s Potholders and Hot Pads page
    Here is the direct link to the pattern: Kitchen Drawers Potholder


  16. Patty Neddo

    I have been searching for the old fashioned CHICKEN crochet pot holder. I see you have the rooster version. Hope you can find the chicken for me. What a great web-site…………..


  17. Patty Neddo

    Thank you………


  18. Thank you so much for all the free paterns. I wish I could find a large hot pat pattern, for a big dish. Thanks again. Nell


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