Special Items

This page is devoted to those items that do not fit on any other page.

Ball Band Toilet Paper Cover-( K )

Bamboo Bun Bunting-( K )

Free Charts and Graphs

Loaf Pan Tote-( C )

Napkin Cosy-( C )

Random Basketweave Bun Bunting-( K )-download PDF

Round Casserole Carrier

Scalloped Facecloth Edging- ( C )

Teeny-Weeny Garter Stitch Coaster Pattern-( K )

Wrapper Cloth– ( K )

3 responses to “Special Items

  1. I have tried and tried to find a pattern to knit of a sea shell for a dish cloth. So many people I know would love one if I could find it. Would you please try to Make one for me? Any shell would do, the sand dollar or a conch shell or a scallop. Thanks for answering me about this. I have loved doing all other patterns.

  2. I would love a pretty mermaid pattern dishcloth.
    ‘thankd you for all your free patterns

  3. I found a free pattern by looking it up on Google. Here is the link to the pattern:

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