Towel Toppers, Holders and Rings

This page contains links to patterns for towel toppers, holders and rings made by crocheting, knitting or cro-hooking.

Towel Holders/Rings

Angel Towel Holder-( C )

Basic Towel Ring-( C )

Towel Holder Ring-( C )

Towel Toppers

Basketweave Towel Topper-( C )

Cross Stitch Towel Topper-( C )

Dish Towel Topper-( C )

Double Layer Towel Toppers– ( C )

No Sew Towel Topper-( C )

No Sew Towel Topper 2-( C )

Towel Topper ( Knit )

17 responses to “Towel Toppers, Holders and Rings

  1. Phyllis Vermeer

    I’m looking for free patterns for kitchen and hand towels with no tops on them. Would you know where I can find them?


  2. I am so glad I found this site. It really helps me out for Christmas this year. With gas so high and utility bills on the rise, every penny earned is a penny is a penny saved in my book. I think I can do all my shopping right from here….thankyou again…..


  3. You are welcome. I am glad this site is useful.


  4. I am looking for a pattern for a knitted towel holder ring thing for dish towels. I like to crochet but I’m really into knitting at this time. thanks and have a great day. @:-)


  5. I have made a lot of towel toppers with different themes for an upcoming church bake sale and fund raiser. Does anyone know what is a fair price to charge for them? A couple of years ago, I bought some at a flea market for 3 for $10.00. I have been told by one person that that is too high. Please enlighten me, somebody. Thanks.

    Jean Rosencrants


  6. I know that comment on pricing for the towel toppers was a few months back but I still wanted to comment on it. I can’t understand how 3 for $10 would be too high of a price. I’ve seen basic plain towels that don’t have toppers to hang them with for a lot higher prices then that. These are homemade so the price should be more. Also prices at fund raisers are sometimes higher then what you are normally willing to pay. I think 3 for $10 is actually pretty cheap. ~Shelly


  7. trying to find towel topper paterns for Christmas,,,an easy xmas tree and a poinsettia


  8. I made some last year and the person I made them for supplied all of the yarn and the towels and I got $4.oo apiece for them so I think you are giving a pretty good deal @ 3 for $10


  9. Hi,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of crochet!
    I found a video by looking on Google for: towel topper,video that will hopefully be helpful: You can find it here
    You tube has several videos that you might find useful.

    If you are not a member of Ravelry, I suggest you check it out. You can find it by going to: Ravelry
    It is free and has a lot of information about crocheting as well as other fiber related hobbies.
    I hope this helps.


  10. I did a search on Google by typing in ; towel topper, Christmas tree and found a link that might help.
    Christmas Tree Towel Topper


  11. Am looking for something like a chef head to make small for top of dish towel or on a ring. Help need before May for special Chef convention!!


  12. Getting close. Would like a little chef face with a chef hat. Anyone got any ideas!! Thanks


  13. I’ve made hanging kitchen towels in the past but unable to find the pattern. The pattern I used started with casting on 4 stitches (like very easy dishcloth pattern) and is much larger than dishcloths. Does anyone know the pattern. I believe it was from the Patons/ Bernat company. However, could not find it on their website. Any help would be appreciated.


  14. looking for a knitted pattern for a towel topper without the ring can
    anyone help me, or tell me how to convert a crochet pattern



  15. I was looking for a price on towels with knitted toppers also. Someone told me 5. I mean think about it, you spend a couple of hours knitting them. Why would you sell them for 3 bucks a piece. That comes to about 50 cents an hour not including supplies.


  16. If you do a search on Ravelry you might find something you like.


  17. I have knobs on my drawer where I hang my towel in the kitchen. The stores used to sell them with ties at the top. I saw a pattern with ties, but they are too far apart. Know of any patterns or suggestions?

    Thanks for the help.


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