Ballband Dish Towel

Basket Rib Hand Towel

Button-top Ribbed Hand Towel

Button-top Ribbed Monkey Hand Towel

Chinese Waves Button-top Hand Towel

Columns Hanging Hand Towel-About 1/3 down the page

Domestic Towels-About 3/4 way down the page

Donna’s Diagonal Knit Hooded Towel –Listed on the Knit Patterns page–It is a PDF file

Eyelets On The Diagonal

Feathers Dish Towel

Fingertip Towel

Flower Power Hand Towel-3 versions

Kitchen Towel

Knit Gridded Hand Towel Pattern-uses slip stitches

Knitted Guest Hand Towel Pattern-uses slip stitches

Let Freedom Ring

Mock Woven Tea Towel

Mock Woven Tea Towel-another

Not The Paper Towel!!–about 3/4 of the way down the page

Reverse Diamond Towel–Picture available on

Ripple Fingertip Kitchen Towel

Ripple Fingertip Kitchen Towel-on another site

Ripple Hand Towel–See Picture on


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