Holiday Cloths-Assorted

This page contains links to cloths related to assorted holidays. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is a pattern you would like to have added here. If you can give me a link, that would be good. If not, I do not have a problem looking something up for you.

12 Days of Yule Cloths -some of us call Yule by the name Christmas

Autumn ( or Christmas )Lace Dishcloth-( C )

Batty Dishcloth-( K )

Candy Cane Dishcloth-( C )

Candy Corn Illusion-( K )

Chanukkiah – Menorah-( K )

Christmas Cloth Pattern-( K )

Christmas Hotpad-( C )

Christmas Lid Grabber-( C )

Christmas Shells Dishcloth-( C )

Christmas Wreath Dishcloth-( C )

Christmas Wreath Dishcloth-( C )-another one

David’s Star Dishcloth Pattern-( K )

Dreidel-( K )

Easter Cross Illusion Knit Face Cloth– ( K )

Easter Egg Dishcloth-( C )

Easter Egg Love-( K )

Easter Egg with Stripes-April 2007 Free Pattern-K

Give Thanks-( K )

Lacey 4 Leaf Clover-( K )

Love Cloth-( K )

Love Day Washcloth-( K )

Love Dishcloth-( K )

Lucky Shamrock–PDF–6th Row

Magen David – Star of David-( K )

New Year’s Dishcloth-( C )

Organic Dishcloth Pattern-4th of July-( K )

Punkin Dishcloth-( K )

Pumpkin Dishcloth-( C )

Pumpkin Dishcloth-( K )

Pumpkin Motif-( K )

Reversible Shamrock Dishcloth-( K )

Santa Dishcloth-( C )

Santa Stuck in Chimney–PDF–5th Row

Scare Crow Crochet Dishcloth-( C )

Shamrock Bobble Dishcloth-( K )

Shamrock Cloth-( C )

Shamrock Cloth-( K )

Shamrock Lace-( K )

Shooting Star–PDF–6th Row

Skull and Crossbones-( K )

Skully Dishcloth-( K )

Snowflake Star-( K )-Six Sided Star

Snowman–PDF–4th Row

Star Cloth-( K )

Star of David Cloth– ( K )

Stocking Dishcloth-( K )

Tannenbaum Dishcloth-( C )

Thanksgiving Turkey Crochet Dishcloth-( C )

Three Angels–PDF–5th Row

Three Crosses Cloth-( K )

The Empty Tomb-( K )

The Christmas Star-(K )

The Shamrock-( K )

Turkey Cloth-( K )

Turkey Dishcloth-( C )

USA Star–PDF–5th Row

Valentine Dishcloth-( K )

Vintage Valentine Dishcloth-( C )

Wreath Dishcloth-( C )

Witch’s Hat Dishcloth-( C )

10 responses to “Holiday Cloths-Assorted

  1. I love all the links you have! this is one stop shopping at it’s best. Keep up the great work

  2. Thank You very much for the compliments. I am glad you enjoy the site and find it useful.

  3. Keep up the great work on this site. It’s a life-savior for sure. One stop shopping and so much to look at……..thank you so much……cindy

  4. Thank You for your kind words. They are appreciated.

  5. please e mail me and let me know where I can get a dish or wash pattern for a Santa Claus, Gingerbread Man, any cartoon characters and a snowman and Mrs. Claus. I am in desparate need for these patterns free or otherwise. PLEASE ADVISE HELP!!!!

  6. Thank you so very much for special 12 Days of Christmas Dishcloths. I have been searching for Christmas Patterns and these are so unique. You have truly given us knitters a lovely gift in these.

    I appreciate all your efforts. Merry Christmas with my most sincere appreciation.

  7. Thanks again for linking to one of my patterns 😀 You are so sweet ❤

  8. Where can I find the picture of Gary the gobbler..J have the directions, can not pull up the picture.

  9. I love all the links and washcloth patterns. I would love to find some patterns related to cottage life – ie sailboat, windsurfer, picnic table, sandpail and shovel.

    Thanks again.

  10. If you haven’t found any free patterns listed here, there are a couple more choices:
    See of you can find some for sale from a merchants listed on the Merchants page of this site.
    You could search Ravelry at

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