Monthly Archives: September 2006

Changes Complete For Now

Finally the changes are complete!!  Most of the sections of links have thier own pages.  Most groups of links that had seperate sections  for knit and crocheted items have now been combined onto one page.  For example: Angel Patterns were once divided into Knit and Crochet sections. They have been combined into one page titled: Angel Cloths.The same has been done for most categories of links.

The Animals-Knit section has its own page because at this time there are no  crocheted cloth patterns.
The main exceptions to this are the Crochet Cloths and the Knit Cloth sections. They were given their own pages becuase there are so many of them.  They might be split into smaller sections as more patterns are found that can be placed in a group.

There are some sections to links remaining on the sidebar becuase I cannot come up with a way to combine them into a page or groups of pages that suits me.

None of these changes are set in stone. If anyone has any comments in response to the changes that have been made, please let me know.  I will be glad to make changes  as needed. If and when you find mistakes, please let me know so they can be fixed. My goal is for this site to work for this wonderful group of people who use it.

It might take me a few hours or at least until the early hours of the following morning to get back to you.

Good Morning

There are still changes being made to this site today. I am working on it every possible minute.  Please be patient  with me while this is happening. It shoiuld be finished by this evening.

Design Change

Having given considerable time and thought to this matter, I have chosen to change the apppearance and organization of this blog. I did not anticipate finding so many free patterns for this blog. The number continues to amaze me.

In an attempt to make the information I am finding more easily accessible most of the links are being moved to their own pages. My goal is to complete this task this weekend.

Please be patient as you use this site for the next couple of days. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone.


In the past few days there have been several items added to this site. I am making changes in the way I am classifying items. There are now categories for towels, both knitted and crocheted. I am not specifiying if they are hand or kitchen towels. That decision is left to the user of the pattern.

I am also not separating face and dish cloths. For this site, at this time, it is not feasible to do. If this offends anyone, please accept my apologies in advance.

I will eventually be adding some items for specific holidays. If you know of patterns for holidays that are not included, please let me know. I will not intentionally omit a holiday based on creed, religion or ethnic background. My goal is for this site to be a service for those of us who enjoy making hand made cloths and other items.
I have also been faced with the decision of whether or not to shorten the name a designer has given a pattern. There are times this seems to be needed in order to conserve space. If you are a designer and have been offended by my actions, please let me know. I do not mean to over ride your choice of name for your pattern. My motivation is simply to conserve space.

More Links

I have been working on adding more links this weekend. This blog  began because I became fascinated with making knit wash and dishcloths and wanted to find a few free patterns for them online. I had no idea there were so many available.

If any one reading this is looking for something special, please let me know so I can help you in your search.

Found Backup of Bookmarks

I am excited! I was afraid that all of my bookmarks were lost as a result of the hard drive failure a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I found some floppies on which I had backed some the bookmark files in March, 2006. They are not the most recent files, but it is better than having to start from scratch. I will be busy this weekend updating this site with plenty of links with an emphasis on crochet cloths. The very thought of doing so excites me. 🙂


I have been updating this sitea few minutes at a time today. My original plan was to wait until Friday evening to do so because that is traditionally the time I do such things. There is so much work to be done here that I decided not to wait.

I am starting to add crocheted wash and dish cloths. It is not fair to those of us who crochet to ignore doing so.  If there is a pattern you want, please let me know. I will do my best to help you find it.