Monthly Archives: October 2013

Time Well Spent

I have not been able to update this site for the past several months due to an inability to see the links to the controls on WordPress despite the best effort of the WordPress Support Team and others to resolve the issue.

I originally purchased a new monitor  from our favorite source of electronics this past weekend hoping that would improve the situation.   Upon arriving home, it was immediately connected to my computer. We held our breaths as I entered the control panel of WordPress hoping to be able to see the controls. This did not happen. My very patient husband tested all of the controls on the monitor and adjusted the graphic options on the computer.  The controls remained  not easily visible.

We decided to take my computer and the monitor back to the store where we purchased the monitor and see if the tech support staff there could help.  The person assisting us plugged in the computer and the monitor; connected to the store’s WiFi and accessed the internet using our browser of choice, which is Firefox. I logged in to WordPress and  to our delight and embarrassment we were able to see the controls perfectly. 

A short discussion with the technician revealed that perhaps the problem was a combination of the need to update the browser and clear the cache.  Those were the two variables that had not been considered. Following that discussion we collected the computer and monitor; left the store and headed home.

Upon arriving home we connected the computer to the original monitor before making the chosen changes in the system.  With baited breath the cache was cleared; Firefox updated; and WordPress accessed. Success was ours!! For the first time in months I was able to adequately see the controls on Firefox. I was delighted!  I then tested some of my favorite online sites such as this one and Flickr to see if there were any changes in the black areas of those sites. The results were incredible. I could see what were once only black areas on the top menu of this site and all of of the options on Flickr.

It was time well spent.

We eventually returned the new monitor for a refund because it was not needed. I felt badly doing this but at the same time know that this particular store will continue to be our first choice for a variety of electronic related purchases.

The best part of the entire experience was regaining access to the controls of this site. I can now begin the process of responding to comments and updating links to this site,