Monthly Archives: March 2012

Continuing to Update

I am continuing to update this site. Progress has been slow in the last couple of weeks because there have been other demands on my time. My plan for the next several days is to spend more time adding links to the site on a daily basis.

Have a wonderful day!


Working This Weekend

I am working this weekend for my employer this weekend.  I will be back to updating this site Monday morning and as much as possible every day this week.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you!



Busy Week

Life became a bit more busy this week than normal. As a result of this, I am working hard this weekend to add links to  more patterns. It is fun to find patterns that are new to me and hopefully to you also.  The main problem with this is that my list of projects to try, aka WIMs ( Works In Mind ) is growing.  It is also a positive thing because it means there is always something to try.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with time to knit or crochet!


Busy Weekend

This has been a busy weekend! Links to more than one hundred patterns have been added since yesterday morning. Today is not even half over yet in my part of the country. I am taking a break for a few hours. When I come back more links will be added.  There is so much to do and so little time to do it!


Adding Links

The process of adding more links to this site began yesterday. A lot of links were added. There are many more to add. I will continue my habit of  listing a link on more than one page if it is appropriate.

I will be spending as much time as possible working on it in the upcoming days. Please remember that it is a work in progress.

Thank you for your patience.