Monthly Archives: June 2007

Pages Added

There have been two more pages added to this blog today:

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but was concerned about violating the Terms of Service with WordPress.  The reply to my  note to Support today provided permission to add these pages without violating these rules. 🙂

Please be aware that these pages are works in progress and are by no means complete. If you know of a site or sites you wish to see here, feel free  let me know in the comments section of this blog. Please understand  that my response time is sometimes not immediate due to commitments to my family and my employer.

Today’s Update

There have been additions to the following pages today:

A new page titled Bath Sets has been added. At this time it only contains knitted items. I have not decided exactly what items to list here. Crocheted items will be added as time allows. That probably will not happen this weekend.



You will notice some changes today on some of the pages. Where there are similar patterns I have noted the site where they are located next to them. The purpose of this is to make it easier to find a pattern. If it happens that the site is a commercially owned or run site, please remember that the usual disclaimers regarding no personal affiliation with a company and that sort of thing apply.

There are a couple of new pages added. The first one is: Oven mitts
So far there is not much there. this should change as I update this site over the coming days and weeks.

The second one is Cable Cloths. At this time the emphasis is on cloths using knitted Cable techniques. This may change over time as crocheted or loomed cloths are found using cables. If there are some cloths listed on the Lacy Cloths page that belong here, they will be added to this page also as time allows.

Some Changes

When I first started this blog I was afraid to post links to patterns written by merchants for fear of violating the Terms of Service. This included the sites that require registration before you can access or use their free patterns since most of those are merchants. I have learned that this is not the case.

From this point forward there will be links to free patterns contained on commercial/merchants sites.

Be aware of the following which are listed in no particular order:

  • The links to patterns listed here are not written or owned in any way by me unless specifically labeled as mine.
  • I do not have any relation to any merchants whose names appear anywhere on this blog.
  • I do not gain anything in the form of money, favors or other types of payment by listing links to patterns on this blog. The exception to this is the fun factor and the convenience of having lots of links easily available.

Neat Discovery

While placing an order on line for some yarn a couple of days ago I made a neat discovery. Elmore Pisgah has posted the pattern to the original Ballband Dishcloth on its web site.  I was so excited because now when I can’t find the copy I typed off from a Ballband, I can just look it up on line or in the patterns file on my computer. I don’t know if  it has been there for a while or not, but I did not see it until recently.

The link to it has been added to the Slip Stitch Cloths-Knit  page of this blog because it seems to me to be the right action to take.

Greensburg Needs Help

A few days ago I learned about Rebuilding Greensburg -Block by Block while reading Knit and Pray. This struck a tender nerve in my heart because I live in Missouri and have had seen a bit of the destruction caused by such storms.

I am asking you to please donate cloths, squares or other items  to this effort. One dishcloth might not seem like much until it is added to others. The same holds true for other items such as socks, slippers, and baby  bibs.