Monthly Archives: August 2008

Dead Links

I found several dead and/or incorrect links a couple of days ago. Unfortunately there has not been time to correct them. In a few cases, it is because the designer has moved a site to a new address.

I apologize to the affected designers and users of this site.  The needed changes will be made in the next few weeks as time allows.

Loom Knitting

A new  page was added yesterday. It is titled Loom Knitting. The contents of this page are a Work In Progress and will change as there is more time to research this topic.


Technical Issues

For the past couple of months my household has been having computer problems. Some of them have been problems with our ISP. Others have been hardware issues on our part. These came to a head recently when we could not remain on the Internet consistently for more than a couple of hours at the most. during that time updating blogs became a frustrating chore.

Thanks to some major help from our ISP’s technical support team  and some changes in hardware, these issues have been resolved.

I have been and will be spending as much time as possible updating this blog. This includes adding links; possibly adding some pages and checking for and dealing with dead links. I will also be going through comments which have been left and making sure they receive replies.

Please be patient as I work through this process.