Monthly Archives: August 2006

More Pattern Links Added

I have added a few more pattern links today. It took a while because I have learned the hard way to double check to make sure the URL’s have been added correctly. I know from my own experience how frustrating it can be to go to a site and find a dead link.

So far I have concentrated on knitting links. In the next few weeks I will work on adding some crocheted and Tunisian stitch links.

If you are looking for a specific pattern and don’t find it here, please let me know and I will help you find it.

Adding Links

I have been adding a few links this evening. There are some I would like to share with readers to this site.

The first one is the Swish With A Twist pattern at the Creative Knitting site. It is not known how long this will be available online. It looks like a pattern worth trying out in my opinion.

This blog :Things Stitched has two patterns that have caught my eye. One is the Sunny Days Dishcloth and the other is the Motorcycle Dishcloth. The author also has two examples of what to do with left over cotton yarn.

There are more to come, but they need to wait for another day.

No Site Update This Past Week

This poor blog needs some attention very soon. Normally I try to update the links on Friday nights or the weekend. Last Friday was one of the days we were without internet service due to what we thought was an ISP problem.  My wonderful and loving husband managed to solve the problem Saturday night. By the time I caught up on emails late that night and Sunday, it was time to prepare for the week.

In the meantime, my collection of links to be added to this blog is growing. Friday evening cannot come quickly enough to suit me. Until that ti me, please accept my apologies for the lack of new links.

Links Fixed

It took a while because the running of my household took priority, but the links that were not working properly are now fixed. I also changed some categories around so hopefully the site is easier to use.  At the same time, I also worked on my other blogs so they are more the way I want them.

There was not time for knitting or crocheting today. It happens that way sometimes. 🙂

Links That Don’t Work

I discovered that some of the links I have posted in the past few days do not work properly. I apologize to all of my readers for this. The problem lies with my lack of attention to the way they are added to the Links section. From this point forward I will double check them after posting them.

If anyone has this situation arise on this site, please let me know so I can correct it ASAP. I will be checking this site at least daily to insure that there are no further repeats of this situation. Thank you for being patient with me.

Two Blogs About Dish And Wash Cloths

This is going to sound crazy to some people…OK, maybe to a lot of people. But that’s OK. My gut is telling me to keep this site in additon to my old site related to dish and wash cloths. Part of my conscious reasoning is do this because I have not been able to figure out to to post pictures on this site. Another part of my reasoning is that I don’t know how to back up the links here and I know how to do it there.

With that in mind, links are going to be added there in the upcoming days and weeks.

Appearance Change

I have changed the appearance of this blog because the original template lacked pizazz. I have looked for another home for the site and am not satisfied with what I have found for various reasons. This wil have to do for now.

The main down side to this site is that I have not figured out how to add pictures to it. Adding links is easy, but pictures are another story.