Monthly Archives: February 2012


The last dead links  have been removed from this site! Some links have also been corrected during this process. It took a couple of days longer than anticipated  because other activities took priority.

I am taking a break for the rest of the day. Work will resume on this site tomorrow morning.  I will be adding links daily with the exception of the days I work for my employer.  This will be an ongoing project which will take more than a couple of weeks to complete.

Thank you again for your patience. I will see you in the morning!

Almost Finished

Dead links and some minor corrections have been made to about three fourths of the pages on this site.  Because I am working this weekend for my employer, this project is on hold. I will be back Monday with plans to finish checking the remaining pages for dead links by the end of the day.

May each of you have a good and safe weekend!

Progress And A Break

I have been checking every link on each page of this site in alphabetic order with a couple of exceptions.  This morning I completed the Knit Cloths page. My plan is to resume working on this site Friday morning. I need a break from it today. There are other activities wanting and needing my attention. Tomorrow will be filled with working for my employer.

Thank you again for your patience!

Still Working

I have removed dead links from almost half the pages on this site.  My goal is to complete this part of the update by the end of Wednesday.

Thank you again for your patience.

So Much To Do

I will be working on this site for almost everyday this upcoming week. There are a lot of dead links. My files are bursting with new links to add. My head is full of places to explore to find new links to add.  I wish I could do it all in one day, but that is not possible.

Thank you for your patience while these changes are made.

The  Bath Sets Page was updated today.  There were several  dead links from sites which are no longer available or which have had patterns removed from them.  I will be scouring the internet in the upcoming days and weeks for more links to add.

Please remember to make a copy of patterns you like just in case the original site  or the patterns  do not remain available for your use. It is a good idea to save a copy on paper and in a document stored on  at least one safe place such as a backup drive or flash drive. When doing this, it is advisable to include the name of the designer of the pattern; the name of the  website, and the web address ( URL ) of the website. This  insures that you can give  proper credit to the designer when making an item or telling others about the pattern. In addition, having this information available will make it easier to locate the pattern online in case there is a problem with the website. It will also  help you locate the designer if needed at a future date.

Just in case you ever do need to look for a pattern that is no longer available for some reason, there is hope. By using the WayBack machine feature of the Web Archive you can type in the web address and search for the site.  When doing this, be sure ” http:// ” appears only one time in the search bar. If it is there more than once  your search stands a good chance of not succeeding. Please be aware that according to this page  there can be a six to twenty four month delay in a site being accessible through this service.