Monthly Archives: December 2008

Angel Page Update

I have begun the process of updating this site page by page.  This is a bit of a task due to the size and scope of this blog.

In the course of updating links I learned that Rainy Kimbrough has a new to me web address for her store:

The address for free patterns is:

Have a great day!

A Few Things

It is against Copyright to send patterns without permission of the designer.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with the designer of the Zig Zag Kitchen Towel pattern please contact me by way of making a comment.

Please be aware that due to an increase of Spam, not related to the above, all comments will be moderated until further notice.

Blog Needs Attention

I am very nuch aware that this blog needs a lot of attention. There are several dead links which need to be repaired.  Unfortunately it is on hold for the next couple of weeks. I am in the middle of finishing some knitting and crochet projects that have deadlines.  I realize this not help those of you who depend on this site,  and I apologize for this.Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day to do as much as I would like.