Monthly Archives: September 2006

Back Online

<>Hooray!!! I am back online. The computer is up and running. I have spent most of the day playing with it since bringing it home from the shop. I am so excited!!

It will be a while before I relocate bookmarks; do some research and update the links.


Computer Trouble

What a week!!

My hard drive decided to go bad last week end. That put all plans for working on here on hold until the problem is resolved. That won’t be for another week…..what a bummer.

 I will be back late next week with lots of sites to add here.


Hooray!!! The Labor Day weekend has finally arrived. I have been looking forward to this weekend for the past few weeks. There is much to do on this blog. I want to add links to crocheted items and hopefully either add links for merchants  that sell dish/wash cloth patterns or make a list of some in a post.  I am not sure how much will get done, but I will do my best.  I will also add more links to free knitted dishcloths.