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Playtime Ahead!

I have lots of time in the next several days  to play with this site. My files are packed with new links to be added. The side bars need to be updated.There  are pages that have dead links and pages that need more links. There is much to do and time to do it.


More Updating Done Today

I have added more  links today to a few pages. Work will resume here on the weekend unless there is a change in my schedule.

Have a great  couple of days!


More Updating Done

There were mores links added to several pages today. I was hoping to accomplish a  lot more but had errands and other household activities that took a lot longer than anticipated. I will be back here tomorrow.

Change of Plans

My original plan at the beginning of last week was to spend at least an hour or two  every day except for Thursday and yesterday making changes here.  It did not happen because life interfered. There are still lots of links to add; pages which need to be checked for dead link and  emails  and comments needing  attention.

I will try again this week to spend more time here.

Have a great week!





New Page and Updating

A new page containing links to coasters has been added today. Please remember that  this is a work in progress.  Links to more patterns will be added when they are found.

There have also been links  added to other pages today.

Continuing to Update

I am continuing to update this site. Progress has been slow in the last couple of weeks because there have been other demands on my time. My plan for the next several days is to spend more time adding links to the site on a daily basis.

Have a wonderful day!


Busy Weekend

This has been a busy weekend! Links to more than one hundred patterns have been added since yesterday morning. Today is not even half over yet in my part of the country. I am taking a break for a few hours. When I come back more links will be added.  There is so much to do and so little time to do it!