Daily Archives: August 12, 2006

Two Blogs About Dish And Wash Cloths

This is going to sound crazy to some people…OK, maybe to a lot of people. But that’s OK. My gut is telling me to keep this site in additon to my old site related to dish and wash cloths. Part of my conscious reasoning is do this because I have not been able to figure out to to post pictures on this site. Another part of my reasoning is that I don’t know how to back up the links here and I know how to do it there.

With that in mind, links are going to be added there in the upcoming days and weeks.

Appearance Change

I have changed the appearance of this blog because the original template lacked pizazz. I have looked for another home for the site and am not satisfied with what I have found for various reasons. This wil have to do for now.

The main down side to this site is that I have not figured out how to add pictures to it. Adding links is easy, but pictures are another story.