Monthly Archives: November 2006

Claculating Tool and More Links

I have been busy adding more links today. There have been additions to the pages for Holidays, Crochet Cloths, Knit Cloths, and Lacy Cloths.
I found a new tool accidentally today at The Knitting Fiend’s site that answers the question:
“How to fit Stitch Multiples in a row of knitting?”

She has other calculators that deal with topics ranging from decreasing stitches evenly across a row to spacing buttonholes. Here is the link to the main page for the calculators:
Tools to help you convert knitting patterns .

Even though the author’s emphasis is on knitting, it seems to me that many of the math principles she describes could apply to crocheting as well. I speak from my own experience as one who enjoys doing both.

this site also has other pages that might be of interest. Here is one which has been added to my list of Pages to Explore:
Stitch Patterns.

May you find this useful and informative. 🙂