I am more excited tonight ( by now it is really morning ) than I have been in a long time. DH and I decided to get me a digital camera today while we were running some errands. I found one I liked at the first store we went to but In typical fashion thought it best to check out some other stores in our area. We did and learned that the first place we went to had the best buy for our money.

This is a picture of a scarf for the Red Scarf Project. It is being made with 2 strands of worsted weight acrylic yarn from my stash. I am using #15 needles and using a 3 by 3 rib. It is working up fairly quickly and easily.

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  1. It looks wonderful! Remonds me of peppermint…

    Thanks for all the links that you’ve puton your blog! Its a great resource for someone like me who doesn’t have tons of time to surf the internet for dishcloth patterns but knits them regularly! Its truly appreciated.

    Happy knitting!


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