Almost Finished

Dead links and some minor corrections have been made to about three fourths of the pages on this site.  Because I am working this weekend for my employer, this project is on hold. I will be back Monday with plans to finish checking the remaining pages for dead links by the end of the day.

May each of you have a good and safe weekend!

2 responses to “Almost Finished

  1. May I suggest a WordPress plug-in, Broken Link Checker? It will find the links and give you a list of what post they’re in, and what text they’re associated with. Very easy to install and use.


  2. Thank you very much for the great suggestion. I appreciate it a lot.
    Unfortunately, I cannot do this because this site is hosted by which does not allow the use of plug ins.

    I have considered moving it to an independent host for quite a while and each time come to the conclusion to leave it here.

    I uploaded the plug in you suggested to my personal blog and am pleased with it. Thank you again for the suggestion.

    Have a wonderful day.


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