Treasure Found

While working the page of Knit Cloths yesterday  I came across and a link to an old site that can now be found only on the Web Archive. Take a look at this:

Assorted Cloths-Web Archive–Lily Dishcloth Patterns. page with black background. It has nine old patterns written out there.  They look like they would be fun to try. If you want to try them, I would be delighted to see pictures of what you make. I would also like to know what you think of them.

4 responses to “Treasure Found

  1. Thank you very much for getting back to this blog. I am a dish cloth knitter and always enjoy seeing new patterns. Like you, sometimes life gets in the way and my knitting falls to the wayside, but I am determined to finish the one that’s been on my needles forever(!) and start on one of these. Thanks again!


  2. The Old Favourite is one I’ve been looking for as I’ve found to many have the beginning wrong and i want to make Preemie blankets with the pattern


  3. You are very welcome!


  4. I am glad to know this is a link you have been needing. Enjoy!
    Please let me see pictures of what you make with any of these patterns.


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