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Patterns Added

Several patterns have been added to the Knit Cloths. Knit Cloths-Round and Lacy Cloths pages. If  cloth fits more than one category, links are added to more than one page to the best of my human ability.

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You will notice some changes today on some of the pages. Where there are similar patterns I have noted the site where they are located next to them. The purpose of this is to make it easier to find a pattern. If it happens that the site is a commercially owned or run site, please remember that the usual disclaimers regarding no personal affiliation with a company and that sort of thing apply.

There are a couple of new pages added. The first one is: Oven mitts
So far there is not much there. this should change as I update this site over the coming days and weeks.

The second one is Cable Cloths. At this time the emphasis is on cloths using knitted Cable techniques. This may change over time as crocheted or loomed cloths are found using cables. If there are some cloths listed on the Lacy Cloths page that belong here, they will be added to this page also as time allows.

More Pages Checked

The following pages have been checked of the accuracy of links:

There have been a couple of patterns added during the course of this. My files have links to more patterns waiting to be added here. They will be added as time permits.

Updating and Lacy Cloths

Now that January is here I am getting back to doing some serious updating. There is a list of patterns waiting to be added. Alas!! Family and work interfere with computer time.

This morning updates have been made to the Lacy Cloths and Knit Cloths page.  You might observe that there is a fair amount of overlap between the two. At first it was accidental, but once I realized what was happening I chose to leave it that way. Part of the reason for doing so is because what might seem like lacy to me might not see like it to you and vice versa.