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Another New Page Added

I have added another new page today. It is titled: Groups With Free Patterns.  There are only a few groups listed at this time because of time restraints. More will be added as time allows. If you know of a group you would like to see added here, please let me know.

Blog Anniversary

One year ago, August 6, 2006, this blog was started at another blogging site. My motivation was my increasing fascination with dish and wash cloths. At that time I was not working outside the home and was beginning to search for free patterns available on the internet for these items. My original batch of dishcloths was wearing out after several years hard labor. It was time to replace them. There was plenty of cotton yarn in my stash. I wanted new patterns to keep me interested in replacing them. Thus began a blog that has truly changed my life.

Within a couple of months and after experiencing much frustration with the limitations of the previous site, I moved this blog here to WordPress. It was a good move. The people here have been and are very helpful with their support and encouragement. This includes the paid support staff who have answered my questions about Terms of Service and technical questions. It also includes the volunteers and readers of the Forums who have graciously given support and input when I have asked for it. Please accept my thanks.

This site has grown from having a few links in the sidebar to having 38 pages of patterns. There are also two pages waiting to be posted until a little bit more work has been done on them. The patterns listed here are mainly knitted or crocheted. One of my goals is to add a page with loomed dish or wash cloth patterns in the upcoming weeks.

This has proven to be an unusually busy summer which has permitted little time on the computer. That will be changing in the next couple of weeks.

I have no exact idea of the number of patterns listed here. There are more in my files to be listed as time allows.

The most amazing aspect of this blog is the number of hits it has received in the past year. It also amazes me to see how many times it is used on a daily basis. These numbers please and humble me at the same time. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that this blog would be referred to as frequently as it is. Thank you to each of you who finds this site useful.

The other aspect of this blog that surprises and delights me is to see it listed on the sidebar of other people’s Blogs. It is one thing for me to place a link on my blog, yet it is another matter to find my own blog on that of others. Thank you for finding it pleasing and useful enough to do so.

I also extend a sincere Thank You to the many designers who have granted permission to allow links to their work to be added to this blog. We as a members of the Fiber Arts community benefit from your generosity.

It is my most sincere hope and goal to maintain this blog in such a manner that it will continue to be a resource for makers and lovers of dish and wash cloths and related items for a long time.


Greensburg Needs Help

A few days ago I learned about Rebuilding Greensburg -Block by Block while reading Knit and Pray. This struck a tender nerve in my heart because I live in Missouri and have had seen a bit of the destruction caused by such storms.

I am asking you to please donate cloths, squares or other items  to this effort. One dishcloth might not seem like much until it is added to others. The same holds true for other items such as socks, slippers, and baby  bibs.

Patterns on Wrong Pages

I found some patterns on the Knit Cloths page that should have been on the Crochet Cloths page. They will be listed  there in the next day or two.

Again, please accept my apologies for this error.

At this time the Knit Cloths page has been checked for errors. All the links are current and correct.

Lots of Additions

There have additions to several pages today. Some of the pages updated include the Animal, Plant and Heart Cloth ,Knit Cloths and Crochet Cloths pages. There have also been items added the Scrubbies and Cloths with Scrubbies pages.

I hope you find these changes useful.

Claculating Tool and More Links

I have been busy adding more links today. There have been additions to the pages for Holidays, Crochet Cloths, Knit Cloths, and Lacy Cloths.
I found a new tool accidentally today at The Knitting Fiend’s site that answers the question:
“How to fit Stitch Multiples in a row of knitting?”

She has other calculators that deal with topics ranging from decreasing stitches evenly across a row to spacing buttonholes. Here is the link to the main page for the calculators:
Tools to help you convert knitting patterns .

Even though the author’s emphasis is on knitting, it seems to me that many of the math principles she describes could apply to crocheting as well. I speak from my own experience as one who enjoys doing both.

this site also has other pages that might be of interest. Here is one which has been added to my list of Pages to Explore:
Stitch Patterns.

May you find this useful and informative. 🙂

Crochet Cloths and Potholders

This morning has already been and adventure. Links have been added to the pages for Potholders , Crochet Cloths and Kitchen Sets. If you have not looked at these pages and explored their contents, I encourage you to do so. There are some creative patterns written by some very talented and creative people. It has been fun adding links to these patterns for that reason. Enjoy!