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Lots of Additions

There have additions to several pages today. Some of the pages updated include the Animal, Plant and Heart Cloth ,Knit Cloths and Crochet Cloths pages. There have also been items added the Scrubbies and Cloths with Scrubbies pages.

I hope you find these changes useful.

Updating and Lacy Cloths

Now that January is here I am getting back to doing some serious updating. There is a list of patterns waiting to be added. Alas!! Family and work interfere with computer time.

This morning updates have been made to the Lacy Cloths and Knit Cloths page.  You might observe that there is a fair amount of overlap between the two. At first it was accidental, but once I realized what was happening I chose to leave it that way. Part of the reason for doing so is because what might seem like lacy to me might not see like it to you and vice versa.



I have not been updating this blog much in the past week until today. Life has just been busy between working, knitting and homeschooling.

I have updated a few pages today and will continue to add more links daily for the next several weeks. There are new items added to the Pot Holders, Special Items and to the Christmas Items pages.


Towel Page

I have been working on the Towel page this week. There is a new Category titled Towel Holders/Rings. At this time all entries there are crocheted. There have also been additions to Towel Toppers, Knit Towels and Crocheted Towels.



I have updated a few pages today with an assortment of patterns.  There will be updates at least everyother day from now on due to a welcome schedule change.


I have been busy updating this site in the past two days. there have been additons to the Holiday, Christmas, Knitting Cloths and Animal pages. I will be adding as many links as possible this week.

While adding links to pages today I realized it is time to add new pages because some pages, like the Knit Cloths page, are getting lengthy. This will probably have to wait until after the Holidays are over because there is so much going on in my life at this time.

Claculating Tool and More Links

I have been busy adding more links today. There have been additions to the pages for Holidays, Crochet Cloths, Knit Cloths, and Lacy Cloths.
I found a new tool accidentally today at The Knitting Fiend’s site that answers the question:
“How to fit Stitch Multiples in a row of knitting?”

She has other calculators that deal with topics ranging from decreasing stitches evenly across a row to spacing buttonholes. Here is the link to the main page for the calculators:
Tools to help you convert knitting patterns .

Even though the author’s emphasis is on knitting, it seems to me that many of the math principles she describes could apply to crocheting as well. I speak from my own experience as one who enjoys doing both.

this site also has other pages that might be of interest. Here is one which has been added to my list of Pages to Explore:
Stitch Patterns.

May you find this useful and informative. 🙂